Samuel Johnson Community Hospital
Samuel Johnson Community Hospital

Councillors are seeking reassurances over the future of maternity services in Lichfield.

The birth centre at Samuel Johnson Community Hospital was shut in 2020 during the pandemic, with staff moving to other sites across the University Hospitals Derby and Burton Trust.

But despite the closure initially being branded as a temporary measure, the future of the Lichfield site remains uncertain.

Cllr Diane Evans, Labour representative for Boney Hay and Central, told a meeting of Lichfield District Council’s overview and scrutiny committee that she was concerned over the impact on local residents.

“I would not like to see the permanent closure of this service as there are a lot of women who don’t need to go to Burton or wherever because they have straightforward births.

“It is a distance for some people to travel and it isn’t much fun making that journey if you’re in labour.”

Cllr Diane Evans, Lichfield District Council

Cllr Mike Wilcox, chair of the committee and the council’s representative on Staffordshire County Council’s health and care overview and scrutiny committee, said the issue was one he had already raised.

“It is on August’s agenda to come back with a full report over what are the issues and what is the likelihood of maternity at Samuel Johnson coming back into use.

“The concern we had is that certain parts of the facilities at Burton were being developed – we did ask the question would it not have been a good idea to reopen to make sure we had cover for our residents, but they didn’t do that.

“We will make sure we continue to push and press for answers.”

Cllr Mike Wilcox, Lichfield District Council

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  1. It’s quite hilarious that the bigger Lichfield gets, and the more houses we build, the more services we lose!

    I still can’t believe that places such as Uttoxeter, around a third the size of Lichfield, can manage to build a proper leisure centre with a sports hall, have a museum of Uttoxeter life etc, and we in Lichfield, can’t!

  2. Having experienced yet again the overstretched nightmare that Burton hospital A&E is these days, it is appalling that we get less and less medical facilities locally. Minor injuries shuts at 9pm, the X ray department isn’t open at weekends, and now we have no maternity unit. At a time when main hospitals clearly can’t cope with the workload, we need more, not less, local facilities to spread the load. Instead we get more cutbacks. Who is running this shambles?

  3. “Who is running this shambles?” – I believe his name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.
    But it’s not all his fault, all the Conservative governments of the last 12 years have brought the NHS to its knees through their policies of austerity and Brexit, as well as their attempts to drive it into a privately funded / insurance based model.

  4. I wish our MP would work on our behalf to mitigate some of the many problems we are facing.
    He appears to spend his time Tweeting nonsense and doing very little work.

  5. Anyone else remember the Leave Campaign TV ad that asked “Which NHS would you choose?”. It told us that our NHS was at “breaking point” and we had to pay £350 million a week to be part of the EU – £350 million that could build one new hospital every week.

    And here we are six years later … Not looking quite like the Brexit vision we were promised, is it Mr Fabricant?

  6. Clare Sholl – If we joined the EU tomorrow, what Brexit Benefit™ would you miss most?

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