Fire crews at the scene in Burntwood. Picture: Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service
Fire crews at the scene in Burntwood. Picture: Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service

Fire crews have been tackling a blaze at a property in Burntwood.

Residents were evacuated safely from the home on Lawnswood Avenue after the fire began at around 12.30pm.

Crews from Lichfield, Cannock, Burton-upon-Trent and appliances from West Midlands Fire Service were called to the scene. 

Station manager Stuart Ruckledge, who attended the incident, said:

“I would like to commend the staff within the premises for their fast-thinking and efficient decision making which has significantly de-escalated the incident.

“Crews worked diligently to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading into the surrounding residential areas.”

Stuart Ruckledge, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service

An investigation into the cause is ongoing.

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  1. Big area to cover when the sole Lichfield truck is out. Cover from Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Rugeley, Aldridge if not at this shout.

    2 truck day cover at Lichfield and fulltime single crew at night with second retained crew would be better.

    That second Lichfield day truck should never have been cut, they have to bring a crew down from Burton to a job like this. No retained crew raised from Chase Terrace?

  2. Unable to raise a retained crew in the daytime I would imagine?

    Maybe they have retained crew issues like Lichfield has had.

    Even allowing for 5 minutes for the retained crew to depart Chase Terrace I have to wonder if Lichfield, Cannock or Aldridge would get there first.

    With population growth Lichfield District is the standout area for lack of fire cover especially at night.

  3. No full time Fire station or Police station in Lichfield or Burntwood where do our portion for these services go?

  4. I don’t mean to be rude here but I just want to praise the staff of the service that look after the residents of the premises on a Job well done insuring the service users were safely removed from harms way, in a timely manner and relocated to other services.
    I’d also like to praise the fire service in making sure my wife and her colleagues were safe.
    I am dismayed that folk have to stick their ten pence worth without addressing the safety of others. No one was hurt thank god.

    Opinions have their place…and respect is quite obviously at the back of the mind of commentators that turn it into something it’s not.

  5. I hope Ben Adams can sort the fire and police service out, we have ended up with new fire stations, without appliances or staff, police stations closed and demolished, with hardly any actual police to be seen on the streets

  6. If chase terrace had been called out wouldn’t have been that much damage we need full time fire fighters

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