Ben Adams
Ben Adams

The Staffordshire Commissioner will give his first annual report to a meeting next week.

Ben Adams will offer updates on the past 12 months in front of the Police, Fire and Crime Panel on Monday (27th June).

Among the items to be discussed will be money allocated to local community safety initiatives and the launch of new strategic fire and policing plans.

Commissioner Adams said:

“This is my first annual report since being elected in May 2021. It highlights progress that has already been made in delivering improvements set out in my strategic plans, describes my role and details how my professional team invest some of the services’ budgets to help keep Staffordshire safe.

“Essentially, I’m expecting to see these plans making a real difference to the lives of the people who live, work or visit Staffordshire.

“They should result in fewer victims of crime and anti-social behaviour, fewer casualties on our roads, and fewer people who suffer due to fire or the actions of others.”

Staffordshire Commissioner Ben Adams

The meeting will be streamed online from 2pm on Monday.

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  1. I’ve got a good idea- let’s get rid of these useless fat cat parasites and their cronies in these fabricated unnecessary and pointless but highly paid positions. With the vast amounts of money saved start rebuilding small but effective police bases where real police staff are situated of whom the general public have access to. Just the appearance and presence of these buildings and the police on the beat will bring down the high levels of crime and anti social actions of the scum of society.

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