Sandfields Pumping Station
Sandfields Pumping Station

Volunteers are hoping local residents can help shed light on former workers at Sandfields Pumping Station.

Ancestry researchers from Lichfield Waterworks Trust are trying to find out more about the lives of those associated with the site.

The appeal comes as volunteers prepare to host an open event at the historic building from 10am to 1pm tomorrow (25th June).

A spokesperson said:

“Is your family name there? Can you add people to the list we haven’t heard from yet? If so we’d love to hear from you.

“Come along on Saturday or contact us at with any questions or memories.”

Lichfield Waterworks Trust spokesperson

The full list of known workers can be downloaded below:

Anyone with information is asked to complete the form below:

For more details about the A Day at the Waterworks open event visit the trust website.

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