The aftermath of the head-on crash in Fradley
The aftermath of the head-on crash in Fradley

A driver has called for improvements at a road junction in Fradley.

It comes after a crash on the link between Wood End Lane and the A38 earlier this month.

One of the drivers involved has now written to local councillors calling for urgent action to prevent more incidents.

He said:

“I drove along the slip road towards the southbound carriageway and encountered another vehicle heading in the opposite direction on the wrong side of the road.

“I could not avoid my car crashing into it and only the safety technology within my car saved me and my family from, most likely, serious injury or death.”

The driver said the crash had been caused by confusion from drivers not realising the road layout changed at the junction.

“The owner of the other car said he was trying to rejoin the A38 northbound and thought it was a dual carriageway.

“Something needs to be done before somebody in the same situation as I was dies.

“The road markings, especially arrows on the road, need to be clearly painted on the slip road so it’s clear that it is a two way road.”

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