The St Chad statue at Lichfield Cathedral
Lichfield Cathedral

Lichfield Cathedral has been recognised for efforts to be a dementia-friendly location.

It is the latest step in a bid to create a space where those affected by dementia are “welcomed, understood, respected and supported”.

Over the past 12 months, steps have included the creation of a focus group on the issue, running dementia awareness sessions for 85 volunteers, staff and members of the congregation, holding training courses and hosting dementia-friendly services.

Sarah Thorpe, dementia-friendly church enabler at the Diocese of Lichfield, said:

“It’s important to celebrate the positive steps forwards we are taking, to make our cathedral and many churches across the Diocese of Lichfield more dementia-friendly.

“Naming and facing dementia together can do so much to open up conversations and connections, learning from people with lived experience of dementia. 

“It’s strong to see the steps that the cathedral has already taken to increase understanding about dementia, including running training and hosting a dementia-themed play.

“I’m delighted that the cathedral is connecting with others taking action on dementia in and around Lichfield.”

Sarah Thorpe, Diocese of Lichfield

The cathedral is hoping to continue the work over the coming 12 months by adopting more dementia-friendly practices and appointing a specialist co-ordinating team.

Canon David Primrose said:

“In our journey to become dementia friendly, we’ve involved congregation members, staff and volunteers.

“We want to ensure that however people affected by dementia come into contact with the cathedral, they encounter a community in which they are valued and included.”

Canon David Primrose

For more details on dementia-friendly places of worship visit the Diocese of Lichfield website.

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