A new Lichfield primary school will become part of a multi-academy trust, education chiefs have confirmed.

The £7million site – being built as part of the Deanslade Park development – will become part of the Arthur Terry Learning Parternship, which already includes 19 schools including five in Lichfield.

Cllr Jonathan Price, cabinet member for education at Staffordshire County Council, said:

“The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership is a well-established multi-academy trust with strong and embedded roots in Staffordshire, and have expressed their determination to make this new school a success.

“I look forward to working with the sponsor as the school develops. 

“By putting plans in place now, we can ensure pupils and parents in Lichfield have access to a high-quality education, and there are enough spaces to accommodate current and future demand.”

Cllr Jonathan Price, Staffordshire County Council

The new facility is due to open in September 2023 with an initial nursery and reception year before the maximum capacity of 210 pupils are accommodated gradually by 2029.

Richard Gill, CEO of the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership, said:

“We are delighted to be working with Staffordshire County Council to open the new primary school.

“We have been successfully delivering high quality education to both primary and secondary school children across Lichfield for a number of years, and we are now able to extend this offer to even more primary school pupils in the city.

“We are really pleased to be working with the council and look forward to meeting local members of the community and starting work on this exciting new project.”

Richard Gill, Arthur Terry Learning Partnership
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Mr Mr
1 month ago

Wonderful… and where will these kids go to when they get older ?, I would presume most secondary schools are now bursting at the seams. Have you noticed any new development comes with a Primary School and Community Center and maybe some plat equipment….seems the basic requirments to build all the Lego Houses across Lichfield

John Griffin
1 month ago

Once again, a private çompany gets gifted millions of assets, albeit mostly illiquid in this case.

1 month ago

So the tax payers of Staffordshire pay for a new school to be built & it is immediately handed over to a multi-academy trust? This is is scandal not a reason to rejoice.

1 month ago

@Crossword… Absolutely right! A whole new layer of parasites join the gravy train. Part of the plan to put public services into the private domain. Time will show these decisions to have been a massive and expensive mistake.
Some of these ‘not for profit’ organisations/charities will be creaming off substantial running costs and expenses. Profit can mean anything you want it to.

1 month ago

Academies have boards of directors that draw big salaries, non profit means all funds go into the directors pockets

1 month ago

Non profit organisations and charities have become big business these days , directors on 6 figure salaries. Years ago the charities wanted household items or loose change these days they want your will or even your house.

Jack Hillmorton
1 month ago

Don’t know what rose tinted era you are all living in but this is what is happening in education and most likely you voted for it