The junction at the A5195 and Ogley Hay Road. Picture: Google Streetview
The junction at the A5195 and Ogley Hay Road. Picture: Google Streetview

A Burntwood junction will be resurfaced as part of a £3.9million improvements scheme across Staffordshire.

The island at the junction of the A5195 and Ogley Hay Road is on a list confirmed by Staffordshire County Council.

The authority said the locations had been chosen based on their current condition and their status as “a major gateway for traffic”.

Cllr David Williams, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport said:

“Our major resurfacing schemes are targeting main routes that where temporary patching by fixing potholes is no longer viable.

“Although resurfacing a road is incredibly expensive both in terms of materials, time and can bring short-term disruption to motorists, the long-term benefits for all road users will be worth it. 

“We know good roads are important for our residents, so these latest projects have been chosen due to their condition and status as major gateways into towns and villages. This way, local people can enjoy the benefit of local good roads.”

Cllr David Williams, Staffordshire County Council

Work is due to start in late summer with completion of all of the projects expected by the end of March 2023.

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1 month ago

The roundabout at A5195 and junc 6 m6 toll is far worse and has been like it for months & months. This needs some priority as many people have notified SCC via their app but still no action.

1 month ago

Colin just said exactly the same. Both need to be done.

Carl Sholl
1 month ago

I’d like to put in a mention for the roundabout at the junction between New Road and Chase Road. Pretty poor state.

1 month ago

The A5195 junction outside the Chasewater Railway Station is another shocker. All three roundabouts A5195/Ogley Road, A5195/M6Toll and A5195/Railway Station are well overdue for significant maintenance, and for God’s sake, make sure the contractors seal the tarmac surface joints when they’ve completed the tarmac surfacing, because it’s clear and obvious for us all to see that all of these roundabouts have rapidly deteriorated as a result of gaps opening up where the tarmac layers come together side-by-side.
I’d say the failure to properly seal the surface joints is a case of deliberate built-in wear-and-tear, to ensure regular future maintenance will always be needed, at massive cost to local authorities and corresponding profits for the contractors.

Hazel Hancox
1 month ago

What about carrying on up the hill towards the A5 traffic lights at Charringtons ? I presume it still comes under Staffordshire not Walsall? There’s a lot of heavy traffic turning off the bypass. Can’t believe it’s been allowed to disintegrate so badly.

Keith Whitehouse
1 month ago

Staffordshire roads in general are very poor

Sally grantham
1 month ago

All the roads arou d Burntwood are bad, I had my tyre punctured and my front bumper damaged on a huge pot hole last year in sycamore Road Burntwood

1 month ago

I visit a vast amount of towns and cities for work, and Burntwood, by far, has the poorest road conditions. It’s astounding. I’m unsure why theyve installed speed bumps everywhere too, the normal road surface is deterrent enough.

Carl Parker
1 month ago

About time something is done but £3.9 million Jesus I think every road in Burntwood could be resurfaced for less, just shows the ripping of by these sub-contractors, I’ve complained many times about these and all they say is we will send someone to take a look and then report not bad enough. We will need tractors soon to drive over them, but yet they still take our money!