Michael Fabricant meeting with farmers in Lichfield
Michael Fabricant meeting with farmers in Lichfield

Local farmers have lifted the lid on challenges facing their industry during a visit from Lichfield’s MP.

Michael Fabricant met with the group and Simon Spencer from the National Farmers Union (NFU) at Ashmore Brook Farm on Cross in Hand Lane.

He was told how rising costs and other issues were causing major concerns for the farming community.

“The Ukraine war and UK immigration issues are causing farmers across the country real hardship.

“Fertiliser costs have risen from around £300 per tonne in January 2021 to approaching £1,000 per tonne now. Meanwhile, the cost of red diesel used in tractors and other farm vehicles has soared too.

“Despite the visa programme, there is still a shortage of farm labourers coming to the UK from Europe.

“We discussed these and a number of other issues including threats from travellers to local farmers and I will be taking all these matters up with the Government and local authorities including the police.”

Michael Fabricant

Mr Fabricant said the global uncertainty showed why the country should revisit the way it produces food.

“I very much agree with the NFU who say that with the present military situation in Ukraine, Britain should aim to become as self-sufficient in food production as is possible. 

“Who knows what threats might face Britain in the future?”

Michael Fabricant
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