Protesters at the UAV Engines factory. Picture: VX Pictures
Protesters at the UAV Engines factory. Picture: VX Pictures

Activists have returned to a Shenstone factory for their latest protest at the site.

The UAV Engines Ltd facility has been targeted by five members of the Palestine Action group, who say the site is used to build parts for military drones used by Israel.

The group described their latest action as “a hat trick” having disrupted the factory for the third time in recent weeks.

A Palestine Action spokesperson said:

“We have once again taken aim at Elbit’s Shenstone factory, where UAV Engines Ltd manufacture engines for Israeli drones.

“Our activists are determined to shut Elbit down across the firm’s eight remaining sites in Britain using the ever effective means of direct action.”

Palestine Action spokesperson

A spokesperson for Elbit Systems said:

“We worked with the police to secure the site, which is operating as normal today.

“This attempt to disrupt our work, which provides advanced technology and critical support for the UK armed forces, is completely irresponsible.”

Elbit Systems spokesperson
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