The new Penni Uni coffee shop
The new Penni Uni coffee shop

The leader of Lichfield District Council says work to diversify organisations using the local authority’s offices is an example of how taxpayer-funded assets should “earn their keep”.

A new coffee shop has opened in the Frog Lane offices as part of the scheme which will also see a business hub with flexible space created.

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of the council, said he was keen to see value from all assets owned by the local authority.

“Along with a coffee shop, we’re re-opening our front desk and making space available for business start-ups and community groups.

“It’s all part of our drive to re-imagine our council.

“Amongst the new coffee shop and business space buzz, there’s also a really important point – all of Lichfield District Council’s assets have been paid for by residents taxes.

“It’s our duty to make those assets either publicly available or earn their keep.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council

The new Penni Uni coffee shop has been opened by the team behind Melbourne on Bird Street.

Owner Deborah Pease said:

“When we began discussions with Lichfield District Council around the potential for opening a cafe site we were particularly taken with the enthusiasm of the team to support community programmes and deliver services above and beyond the traditional. 

“After discussing their aspirations we determined that Penni Uni – based on Penny University from the original coffee houses – would be a great nod to the goal of supporting the community that councils ultimately are there to do.

Deborah Pease
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