Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament
Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

Lichfield’s MP has confirmed who he will back in the battle to become the next Prime Minister.

The Conservatives will be looking for a new leader after the confirmation that Boris Johnson will step down.

The likes of Rishi Sunak, Grant Shapps, Sajid Javid and Nadim Zahawi have thrown their hats in the ring.

But Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant says his vote will go to Penny Mordaunt.

“I have known Penny since when she first became an MP 12 years ago and as the Government Pairing Whip – who organises who can take time off from voting and when – I was able to help her with her Royal Navy commission. 

“She is feisty, full of fun, and like me, while socially liberal she is a staunch supporter of Brexit who firmly believes in the sovereignty and independence of the United Kingdom. 

“Penny has shown herself to be a competent Government minister with a firm grasp of detail as well as being a highly skilled performer in the House of Commons Chamber.

“She has been in the cabinet as both Secretary of State for Defence and also for International Development, Minister for Women and Equalities, and is currently Minister for Trade Policy so she has a broad range of experience. 

“Penny is also a Royal Navy Reserve Officer and has clear ideas on the economy and I believe is more than tough enough to stand up to Russia and to support Ukraine as Boris has done.

“She has my vote.”

Michael Fabricant

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  1. Minister for Women and Equalities. I’d be keen to hear what she makes of your history of misogyny, then……

  2. Playing his usual game of coming out for candidates that are not going to win so that he can show support for as many people as possible during the process (for whatever reason or motives). Then he chooses who he really wants after the candidates are whittled down to the last two.

  3. I am grateful to Mr Fabricant for clarifying his views on the Conservative Party leadership contest.

    On the basis of his support, I am now open to anyone winning except Penny Mordaunt.

  4. I agree with your decision Mr F, let’s hope she’s a better representative than the past clown

  5. Good judgement by Penny Mordaunt to feature the convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius in her video.
    Further good judgement shown, Team GB Paralympian Jonnie Peacock has asked Penny Mordaunt to remove a clip of him from her Tory leadership bid video.

    “I officially request to be removed from this video … Anything but blue please,”

  6. Boris Johnson should not be allowed to stay office and reside in no 10 for the period taken to elect a new PM. As a former employer my policy was to immediately remove any employee leaving in unpleasant circumstances. Most companies follow this policy as so much damage can be caused to a business during any notice worked. Usually dismissed employees, especially dishonest ones, are escorted from the premises without delay. A caretaker PM could be appointed to avoid the risk of further damage to our country and our reputation.

  7. OK, so that is not going to happen so who is his second choice? Our local fantasist shows his political judgement again!

  8. She has had to re-edit her promotional video after complaints. Good start to her campaign. Fabbo’s influence no doubt!

  9. If she is a RN reserve officer does this mean if we go to war she will leave No 10 to go and serve on a ship, and leave Boris back as caretaker again

  10. Perhaps Mr Fabricant would ask Ms Mordaunt (and the other candidates, if he would be kind enough to do so on our behalf):
    “Describe your policies to eliminate the need for foodbanks as soon as possible.”
    Somehow, I seem to have seen more about fox-hunting than about foodbanks, fuel poverty, and the cost of living. A simplistic “increase wealth by cutting taxes” is not an answer – trickle-down economics has never been seen to work as described by its proponents.

  11. Hugh Ashton – They don’t need a cut in corporation tax, we can all give a ‘Clap for corporations’ on Thursdays.

  12. I doubt that Hugh Ashton is a Conservative MP, but he would get my vote for PM (if I had one). A policy and plan to eliminate the need for foodbanks would be wonderful.

  13. Ms Mordaunt’s backers may be able to explain this.

    She went on Andrew Marr’s show in 2016 & delivered a brazen lie

    In her pro-Brexit spiel, she said the UK had no veto to stop Turkey joining the EU

    A complete lie

  14. The lie ProfessorPineapple refers to can still be found online (Andrew Marr Show, 22 May 2016). Penny Mordaunt says of the UK having a veto of Turkey joining the EU: “We’re not going to be consulted or asked to vote on whether we think those countries or others should join, so it’s they are going to join.”

    When pressed by Andrew Marr who says that the UK does have a veto she says: “No, it doesn’t. We are not going to be able to have a say.”

    She later repeats:
    “We will be unable to stop Turkey joining” and “I don’t think that the UK will be able to stop Turkey joining.”

    However, according to Article 49 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, an accession treaty must be approved unanimously by the Council (the Council “shall act unanimously”). In other words, each Member State has a veto.

    Penny Mordaunt, just like Boris Johnson and Michael Fabricant, is a liar. This makes her, like Mr Johnson, unfit for the office of Prime Minister.

  15. Since when has an MP have to tell the truth ? on top of that there is one government minister that has at least 4 different names is that OK

  16. Its a bit rich of the lichfield labour lovies going on about lies. The biggest liar of all The right honourable Sir Tony Blair KG lying about WMD’S. 179 UK sevice people killed , 3598 injured and hundreds of thousands of innocent iraqis killed. I can go back in time aswell. They need to
    get in their greenhouses and stop throwing stones.

  17. Nor should we forget the lie that Ms Mordaunt claimed to have negotiated trade deals with individual US states. They are MoUs at best.
    “Penny told such dreadful lies.
    They made one gasp and stretch one’s eyes.”
    With apologies to Hilaire Belloc.

  18. Dear belleview,

    Last time I checked, Mr Blair hasn’t been Prime Minister for 15 years, and we’ve had four Prime Ministers since then, so I’m not sure how the lies he told twenty years ago are particularly relevant to the lies the current cabinet are telling now. Going back in time, as you propose, William Gladstone wasn’t entirely upfront about his investments in Egyptian bonds before ordering the invasion of Egypt in 1882, and Churchill might have told a porky or two about the extent of his disagreements with Halifax in May 1940, but neither of those observations about two of our greatest Prime Ministers are going to stop anyone from criticising our current government. Taking the analogy further, that Blair was very, very wrong about Iraq doesn’t mean we’re somehow absolved of our moral duty to criticise the disreputable charlatan who’s in the process of leaving Number 10 – or his enabling lackeys like Michael Fabricant. Indeed, I’m perfectly capable of criticising both Mr Blair and Mr Johnson; these are not mutually exclusive propositions.

    And, for the record, I went on anti-war marches against the Iraq conflict and don’t vote Labour.

  19. @belleview: Kindly don’t assume that I am a Labour supporter; I’m not. Neither do I live in Lichfield.

    There is no excuse for Penny Mordaunt’s lies – the accession procedures agreed by Member States in the TFEU are clear for all to see. You are free to criticise Tony Blair, and I am free to expose Penny Mordaunt’s lies.

  20. Basically, the entire pro-Brexit campaign was based on lies about the EU and lies about the UK. It was not true that the EU is a fascist state. It was not true that the EU would or could stop us leaving. It was not true that being part of the EU meant that we were not independent (same as being a member of the UN, the Commonwealth, the Trans-Pacific Partnership that we now seem so keen to join, or indeed any trade deal that has rules, including the one we now have with the EU that Boris and his acolytes seem oddly keen to break now after being so full of praises for it a few years ago). The oven-ready deal was a lie. The claim that we could leave the EU but keep all the benefits was a lie. The claim that Turkey was about to join was a lie. The claim that we could not block Turkey joining was a lie. It was not true that we did not have control of our borders in the EU, or that we have any more control now that we’re out, the number of people crossing the Channel in small dinghies has increased since Brexit. During the debates, our MP Michael Fabricant told a packed Lichfield Cathedral that we would still be in the European Economic Area (EEA) if we left the EU, a bare-face lie. Norway, which is in the EEA, was held up of an example of how you could be independent and outside the EU and still enjoy the benefits, but the hard Brexit we were served up was nothing like Norway, so that was another lie.
    We may not be able to go back into the EU any time soon, but we can mend our relationship with our European neighbours. The first step would be to oust the liars who got us into this mess. That would include Johnson, Fabricant and Mordaunt.

  21. @Clare Sholl : from previous posts I did know that you lived in burntwood and that you vote for the best candidate. It would be interesting to find out who you think would be the best candidate for PM.

  22. @ craig : I totally forgot about starmer. Angela Rayner would make a better leader at least she got a bit of fire in her. Starmer can’t even tell you what a woman is. Prime minister questions on a Wednesday would be interesting if Angela was leader of the opposition.

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