The M6 Toll road

A new pass is being launched for the M6 Toll ahead of an increase in standard prices for drivers using the road.

The Local Saver is aimed at local motorists and offers six short or mid-distance trips for £29.

Van drivers will be able to purchase a version for £49.

The introduction of the pass comes as a new pricing structure begins on 22nd August which will see a 50p increase on standard tolls for cars, 80p for vans and 90p for lorries.

Michael Whelan, general manager at M6 Toll, said he hoped the new passes would prove popular:

“The free-flowing reliability of the M6 Toll shaves precious time off short trips as well as long distance journeys, but it’s online accounts that give drivers the ease and convenience of knowing they can use the M6toll whenever they want.”

Michael Whelan, M6 Toll

For more information about M6toll Savers products and pricing visit

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  1. The old shuttle pass was £25 for unlimited journeys. Equates to £100 a month for 40 journeys for me which I found acceptable. The new pass is £29 for 6 journeys thats £4.84 for journey. Times 40 is £193.60. How can a company blatantly double the charges. As a local myself like everyone else had to put up with years f construction traffic and delays as I commute to Milton Keynes. Just another company cashing in on the motorist like the petro companies. “The new pass will be popular” does he think we are all stupid or rich. By doubling the cost and forcing people off the toll he is actually going to increase the environmental impact and pollution by more people using the side streets.

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