Liz Truss
Liz Truss

The latest Conservative leadership debate showed why Liz Truss is the best candidate to be the new Prime Minister, Lichfield’s MP has said.

She faced off against Rishi Sunak on TV last night (25th July) as the two sought to convince the party membership why they should get their vote.

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant – who had previously backed Penny Mordaunt before she was eliminated from the race to be leader – said Mr Sunak had failed to give enough focus on the West Midlands region during his time as Chancellor.

“The TV debate last night has confirmed my view that Liz is the better candidate for the West Midlands.

“I fear that when Rishi was Chancellor, he was ‘captured’ by the civil servants into conventional Treasury thinking unable to find a way out of the world-wide cost of living crisis.

“Whereas the United States and other countries have decided to borrow in order to fund support for their citizens, Rishi Sunak sticks to the Treasury line calling for greater restraint and higher taxes when times are already tough – Liz Truss recognises this. 

“I also believe that while Rishi’s targeted and generous support for those most needy, provided when he was Chancellor, was welcome, it fuelled inflation.  In France and elsewhere, they were less targeted reducing prices at the fuel pump instead which, of course, reduces inflation and spiralling wage demands.

“But most of all, I believe that while Liz Truss will help the West Midlands, Rishi has concentrated all his focus on the north of England and has not always engaged constructively with the West Midlands Metro Mayor.

“While that is understandable as he represents a Yorkshire seat, this does not help our region.”

Michael Fabricant

Mr Fabricant said the loyalty shown to Boris Johnson by Mrs Truss should also be applauded.

“Liz has been a highly effective Foreign Secretary and Trade Secretary before that, and stayed loyal to Boris until the very end. 

“She did not precipitate a crisis by resigning nor did she have a campaign preprepared including an expensive promotional video released the very day Boris stood down. 

“She is imaginative and not constrained by Treasury thinking. 

“To me character and loyalty count as much as ability and Liz has all three. She will make an effective Prime Minister, continue to provide support for Ukraine, and make the most of Brexit – she has my vote.”

Michael Fabricant
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