Shire House
Shire House

A Lichfield office building has been bought by a media travel business.

Shire House had previously been earmarked for housing after planning permission was granted for 18 apartments on the site.

But commercial property agent Siddall Jones confirmed the site had now been sold for “a sum in excess off the £995,000 asking price” to Access Bookings Ltd who plan to retain it as office space.

The company, which provides services for media organisations working around the globe, said the location was an ideal base.

Ed Siddall-Jones, managing director of Siddall Jones, said:

“We had a lot of interest from local developers but in the end sold it to a local business for their new head office.

“Access Bookings Ltd is a very exciting company and clearly with the increasing appetite for new programmes on streaming as well as terrestrial channels, their services are only going to be more in demand each year.

“We wish them well in their new home and were pleased to be able to ‘book’ somewhere for the expert bookers.”

Ed Siddall-Jones

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  1. Disappointed it wasn’t turned into retirement apartments. We have a huge lack of them in Lichfield. My suggestion is to close down some of the schools and the college and build there. I think dedicated tunnels should be constructed for easy passage from these locations directly to other retirement complexes and cafes. ;-)

  2. Good news, I wish them every success.

    Having walked past the site a number of times in recent months, it looks like it needs quite a bit of TLC and while its great that it can be retained as offices if that wasn’t practicable I would rather see something be done with it even if it was housing/retirement apartments rather than it slowly crumbling into dereliction. Surely better to develop somewhere like this rather than green field sites.

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