Alan White
Alan White

The leader of Staffordshire County Council says he is “concerned” about the funding of health and social care after tax changes were unveiled by the new Chancellor.

Kwasi Kwarteng made his statement on future financial plans – which included scrapping the levy which only came into effect in April – earlier today (23rd September).

The new Chancellor said the changes would not mean a reduction in funding for the NHS and social care services.

“We introduced a bill that means the Health and Social Care Levy will not begin next year, it will be cancelled.

“The increase in employer national insurance contributions and dividends tax, will be cancelled. The interim increase in the national insurance rate, brought in for this tax year, will be cancelled and this cut will take effect from the earliest possible moment – 6th November.

“I can confirm, the additional funding for the NHS and social care services will be maintained at the same level.”

Kwasi Kwarteng

Cllr Alan White, leader of Staffordshire County Council, said he gave a “cautious welcome” to the proposals – but added that he remained concerned about the funding of social care.

“While any measures to support residents and help grow the economy such as tax cuts and energy price capping are welcome, we know that these are still very difficult times for many people.

“We are also concerned about how the new Government social care reforms will be funded now the NHS health and social care levy plans have been scrapped.”

Cllr Alan White, Staffordshire County Council

In the mini-budget, Mr Kwarteng also unveiled plans for new investment zones – which include early discussions with Staffordshire.

Cllr White added:

“We’re pleased to have been confirmed as one of 38 local authority areas to be considered as a location for one of the Government’s new investment zones.

“This could attract multi-million pounds’ worth of investment to the county, create thousands of new jobs and see extensive house building.”

Cllr Alan White, Staffordshire County Council
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1 year ago

It has been a fantastic budget, if you earn over £1 million a year. You will be paying £55k less tax a year.

Or, a banker. As there is now no cap on your bonus.

1 year ago

Bankers can now get an annual bonus of more than a nurse will earn in a lifetime.

Fabricant can tell us how this puts more money in the pockets of a bus driver in Lichfield.

1 year ago

Difficult to know where to start. The general population are struggling in many directions and this budget has not addressed that. The two main problems are inflation and energy costs. It is not acceptable that energy will cost double and more in the near future. This is not the assurancies given when they were privatised.
The government have been in charge of the economy for over a decade. It has been a time of austerity, ultra low wage increases and poorly paid work. The government now want 2% to 3% increases to offset the 10%+ inflation, and are introducing further draconian legislation to restrict collective bargaining.
That the bank and big corporation leaders will now receive larger and less taxed incomes is no surprise. We have been living off the crumbs from their tables for a long time now.

Mr Lloyds
1 year ago

I’m a banker who earns over £1 million a year it’s a win win for me sorry for the rest but that’s life.

1 year ago

@Mr Lloyd’s… That is kind of you to concern yourself with the less fortunate. Of course your relatively modest income of only £500 an hour would not get some of your contemporaries out of bed. With inflation as it is you are probably losing money. Better to spend it so that some of the trickle down might buy some of the proletariat a loaf of bread. Also, don’t waste time commenting on this site. Time is Money! You need to muscle your way up to the real high fliers.

1 year ago

When people on 40k a year using food banks and going on strike for decent conditions are demonised as ruining the country, Marxists, creating inflationary pressures by wanting better pay but then you see the financial sector being given multiple treats and tax breaks, you surely know this govt is broken.
Any extra money they get, up to 50k a year from tax, will go into their pension pots, foreign luxury holidays, cartier watches, second homes and Ferraris. They won’t trickle their wealth down. The hedge funds made a killing yesterday because of the £ shorting.
How can ordinary voters still think the tories have our interests, the overall national interest, at heart?
Thatcher said you ‘can’t buck the markets’ but yesterday the markets showed how risky they think this strategy is. Our grandchildren will be paying for this intervention in decades time.
The country is broken and very soon, will be broke.
Wake up and stop voting for them before they finally rip the heart out of UK plc.

1 year ago

‘Concerned’? No outright condemnation of this dangerously divisive ‘event’ from local Tories, then? What levels of deprivation are they prepared to tolerate? How many elderly, disabled, vulnerable people have to freeze to death before they act?

Nick Pitter
1 year ago

@Mr Lloyd’s, what a disgusting thing to write. Everyone knows win-win is hyphenated.