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The rising cost of energy has led Staffordshire County Council to take steps to ensure it can buy electricity at the lowest price possible.

The authority will also be sourcing “green electricity” as part of the arrangements agreed by cabinet members at a meeting this week.

The authority’s electricity spend on corporate buildings, schools and other sites during the current financial year is around £6million, a cabinet report stated.

But the energy market is currently so volatile it is not possible to accurately predict future costs.

Cllr Mark Deaville, cabinet member for commercial matters, said:

“With the current cost of energy – and more importantly around the volatility of the market – it is essential that we take urgent action to ensure we have flexible purchasing arrangements in place to enable us to achieve the very best value for our Staffordshire taxpayers in extremely challenging times.

“The annual value of electricity is changing from a relatively stable cost base to one that is extremely volatile and it’s increasing significantly. In an extremely uncertain market the only certainty is that costs will increase – and will probably increase very quickly.

“Central purchasing organisations offer a number of purchasing solutions. It importantly provides flexible price contracts and this provides the opportunity to purchase our electricity at optimum times when prices are at their lowest.

“This provides volume supply at a stable price – that is very important.”

Cllr Mark Deaville, Staffordshire County Council

Cllr Deaville added that the challenges of rising bills was being felt across the board.

“The purchase of energy is a massive challenge to everyone – it affects businesses, hospitals, schools and households.

“This report was so urgent it was brought forward. The urgency of getting some assurance on energy prices affects us all.

“Additionally within this framework we will be purchasing green electricity. I’m also delighted to report that through our energy efficiency measures our corporate estate has reduced its energy consumption by 25% in the last five years – that’s fantastic but we still have more to do.”

Cllr Mark Deaville, Staffordshire County Council
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1 year ago

In answer to Cllr. Deaville….You advocate sourcing green energy? I wrote to Eon, who trade on the basis of total carbon free energy. My enquiry was that, as green energy has had none or little increases in production costs, how do they justify increasing consumer costs in line with the open market.
The reply was that when their energy is put on the grid that makes it open market!
Mr. Deaville, this is little more than deception. It also implies that Eon is not a green supplier at all and is trading on customers gullibility.
Will you get it clarified how the production costs reflect the consumer payments? Or is this shameful charade just another opportunistic rip off?