The stretch of the Birmingham Road where advertising banners could be put up
Birmingham Road in Lichfield. Picture: Google Streetview

Advertising banners could appear on another road in Lichfield if plans are approved.

Permission has already been granted for signs to be hung from lampposts on Trent Valley Road.

A new application has now been submitted for six locations on Birmingham Road near the fire station and multi-storey car park.

As with the Trent Valley Road application, the banners would be 2m x 0.8m in size.

Full details of the proposals and the locations can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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1 year ago

Lichfield worsens with each passing day.

1 year ago

how can the planning refuse a display panel for bus information at the Bus Station, due to conservation area then agree to the most awful form of advertising, that will downgrade the roads that are having these banners, also it would be interesting to know the cost of installation and the income from these advertisers, but due to “commercially sensitive information”t hese figures will be withheld

1 year ago

You haven’t seen anything yet. Wait and see what the developers plan for the Friarsgate site and the council will agree to all of it.

The cinema is intended to be a sweetener.

Developers are reporting major declines in new enquiries. Interest rates are going up. Fuel prices rising, high inflation and low wage rises. Mortgage approval going down.

They will fill the space with ultra high density housing.

John Allen
1 year ago

Apart from wondering what on earth they are going to advertise, I think there is a road safety issue here. Such advertising aimed at motorists is distracting, on a stretch of road where the last thing needed is distraction.

1 year ago

As opposed to the huge hoardings by Kwik Fit or the one on Pipe Hill neither of which cause any concerns. Yet as soon as the council do something to bring in revenue and support local businesses the complaints start because it is the council. I can only put it down to muscle memory.

Heaven forbid a visitor travelling into the city (especially those types from Birmingham) might see an advert for one of the local hospitality venues.

1 year ago

RFW you are getting very close to the mark with your discriminatory remarks including your latest post about people from Birmingham. This isn’t the true meaning of freedom of speech.

1 year ago

Day visitors from Birmingham bring nothing but trouble.