James Parton-Hughes
James Parton-Hughes

A councillor says he has been “proud” to have served after being forced to step down due to non-attendance at meetings.

James Parton-Hughes had been a Conservative representative for Fazeley ward on Lichfield District Council since winning the seat in 2019.

But after being unable to attend meetings over the past six months he had to step down last week.

Mr Parton-Hughes said:

“In the days prior to the full council meeting on 13th December I tested positive for Covid-19. As such, I was unable to attend.

“Although Cllr Gwilt gave apologies on my behalf, it became apparent that despite possessing evidence to prove my claim, under Section 85 of the Local Government Act 1972, I would no longer be a councillor as of 12th January.

“I will continue to work for the public good in my professional life, which in recent months has included helping Ukrainian citizens in obtaining visas following Russia’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine. 

“Needless to say, the council, councillors from both sides of the aisle, and all residents of Lichfield and Tamworth have my full support and admiration.”

James Parton-Hughes

Lichfield District Council’s attendance records show that Mr Parton-Hughes had attended none of the four meetings he had been due to be at since 13th July – two full council sessions and two employment committees – having sent apologies for them all.

He told Lichfield Live that despite being unable to be at meetings, residents had still been able to contact him during the past six months.

“I am proud to have served as a Lichfield District Council member.

“I was first elected in 2019 as a fresh-faced university student aged 20. Having been the ‘baby of the chamber’, my life has changed a lot since then. 

“I have always had the intention to serve the people of Fazeley – where I call home – to the maximum of my ability. 

“However, a number of personal circumstances, including bereavement, medical issues and Covid-19 have strained my ability to attend in-person council meetings.

“I have always been contactable by local residents during this time.”

James Parton-Hughes

Mr Parton-Hughes is the second Conservative councillor to have left their post in Lichfield in the past week after Sara Pritchard quit her position at Lichfield City Council.

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1 year ago

I’m losing track of the Conservative councillors who’ve stepped down or who’ve lost/resigned their party affiliation since the last election – and whether they’re on the District or City councils (or both). It just seems like an unusually high number.

I don’t suppose someone could come up with a quick-reference handy list?

1 year ago

Loughborough Dudd CC (whip removed), Tapper DC (resigned called a traitor by CC leader for not voting for allowance rise), Parton-Hughes DC gave it both barrels but could not be bothered to come to a meeting to get 3 months allowance up to the elections. Little (A) DC had enough went indy. Pritchard CITC had enough. Still the old coercive retired men like Greatorex and Cross, small businessmen and Freemasons will hang on. A refined rich rump or narrow unrepresentative view of the world? Only Pullen and Little (E) under 50 I think now! Big internal issues I would say with females and the young leaving.