Bore Street
Bore Street - one of the Lichfield city centre roads being pedestrianised as part of a trial. Picture: Google Streetview

A drop-in consultation session is taking place over plans to pedestrianise Lichfield city centre.

The proposals, which are due to be fully enforced next month, will see all traffic banned from a number of roads between midday and 9pm.

The 18-month trial has also seen on street disabled parking bays removed.

A spokesperson for Lichfield District Council said:

“The pedestrianisation, which is being trialled through an experimental Traffic Regulation Order, is being introduced to make the city centre more vibrant and attractive to visitors.”

Lichfield District Council spokesperson

But he switch led to a petition being launched which has received more than 1,000 signatures.

The drop-in session will run from midday to 4.30pm on Wednesday (1st March) at Lichfield Guildhall.

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Nigel Knight
1 year ago

Hmm, but what if you’re at work whilst this consultation runs?

Dave (Ursa)
1 year ago

I have lived in Lichfield for 55 years, and for the first time ever I wish I lived somewhere else. The councils seems to have gone mad. Our MP seems not to care. I will never vote for you lot again…we have had good leadership and a great city in the past.

David Smith
1 year ago

Further to my last I trust these traffic bans will also include thr Bower procession, and the Sherrif’s Ride. And all other ceremonial processions. You can’t have it both ways. Soldiers marching on foot is questionable because there are always accompnying vehicles. All emegency services must of course be exempt.

1 year ago

These drop ins and public consultations are a total sham. Wait and see what the decisions are and if they reflect the so called consultations. Believe me they won’t!

Pat Derry
1 year ago

We need more disabled spaces for wheelchair users because not every disabled person uses a wheelchair and I find it very difficult to park in lichfield at the best of times and why have a consultation on a Wednesday afternoon and not all day Saturday so those that work can get to it

John Allen
1 year ago

There is a certain irony in the location for this consultation, since the disabled parking bays that would enable many disabled people to get to the Guildhall will be lost as part of the proposed pedestrianisation.

1 year ago

Went to this consultation 2nd March, struggled to get to Guildhall because no parking now in Bore street. Felt it was a waste of time. The council representative that we talked to wasn’t even a Lichfield person or even an employee of Lichfield District Council. I feel the matter has already been decided…the freedom of disabled people has been taken away.😡

1 year ago

Meeting wasn’t good. Few affected people were able to access it and “experts” available for consultation were not representatives of the council making the proposals. I doubt whether any of our comments will be taken into consideration. The workshop to be held at Boley Community Centre is already over subscribed so we have almost nil chance of being heard.
I have lived in and used all Lichfield amenities and necessary facilities since I retired in 1995 and I can see I will soon be denied this access to my own city.