Bore Street
Bore Street - one of the Lichfield city centre roads being pedestrianised as part of a trial. Picture: Google Streetview

Concerns over the impact of pedestrianisation on blue badge holders could be examined at a meeting of Lichfield District Council’s overview and scrutiny committee, the new chair has said.

The city centre changes have led to a petition over the relocation of on-street parking to nearby car parks.

Cllr Steve Norman, who is the new chair of the overview and scrutiny committee, said he hopes the issue can be discussed when the group meets for the first time.

“There has been concern, and upset, from people using the centre and I am sure most councillors, whether from Burntwood or in the villages, have had complaints from blue badge users.

“While the principle of pedestrianisation of Lichfield is welcomed by the vast majority of people, it is important that this is not at the serious inconvenience – discrimination possibly – of others.”

Cllr Steve Norman, Lichfield District Council

Cllr Norman said he would be tabling a request for the discussion to take place at the first meeting of the committee on 8th June.

He added that there were already a large number of issues the committee was likely to explore in the coming weeks and months.

“While that meeting will be concentrating on training for new members of overview and scrutiny, we will also have a report on planning committee protocols for planning meetings.

“At our next meeting on 2nd August we will have a detailed report on the issues of voter ID and other related matters that arose in the recent district and parish elections.

“Future scrutiny subjects already in the work programme will include the Councillor Community Fund, a review of the civic function and performance of the development control service.

“The task groups currently looking at Friarsgate – also known as the Birmingham Road Site – the proposed cinema, the new leisure centre and climate change, may also meet before the next committee meeting.”

Cllr Steve Norman, Lichfield District Council

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1 year ago

Every town and city in Britain has a pedestrianised centre. This is not a difficult problem to solve and it doesn’t need this much deliberation. Find out what other places do and do that.

Lichfield is a tiny place with loads of car parking spaces around it and a central bus and train station. This is easy stuff.