The Friary School
The Friary School

A Lichfield school has achieved online safety accreditation after completing a training programme.

The Friary School has received the National Online Safety Certified School Accreditation.

James Southworth, co-founder of National Online Safety, said:

“Congratulations to everyone at The Friary School on becoming a certified school.

“By completing our training programme, the school has shown its strong commitment to implementing an effective whole school approach to online safety.

“It can be increasingly difficult for schools and parents to stay ahead of online threats and ensure both children and staff are safeguarded from potentially harmful and inappropriate online material.

“We arm schools with the knowledge they need to understand online dangers and react in the best way possible to any problems.”

James Southworth

Steve Neale, deputy safeguarding lead and online safety lead at The Friary School, said:

“This accreditation makes sure we keep on our toes in the rapidly changing world of online safety.

“This is a key aspect of our curriculum and an area which is critical to the life and welfare of today’s teenagers.”

Steve Neale

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.