Crews working alongside the A38
Crews working alongside the A38

A clean-up programme along the A38 near Lichfield has seen more than six tonnes of rubbish collected.

A total of 1,313 bags of litter have been removed over the summer – along with larger items such as bed mattresses, vehicle parts and a barbeque – from the stretch between Fradley and Barton-under-Needwood.

The clean-up has taken place while the road has been shut for improvement works.

National Highways programme development manager, Ian Doust, said:

“It is infuriating to see how much litter has been tossed onto the roadside along the A38.

“Roadside rubbish isn’t just unsightly, it is a danger to the environment, wildlife and drivers using our roads. It’s also a hazard for the people who have to pick up litter from the roadside because of the few individuals who feel it is okay to make others clean up after them.

“Roads have to be closed so the rubbish can safely be removed. While we work closely with local authorities to carry out litter picks when closures are already planned, such as on the A38 scheme, it is still a costly and time-consuming task.

“That money could be spent elsewhere by ourselves and the councils if people were more considerate and took their litter home.”

Ian Doust, National Highways

The rubbish was removed as part of a broader National Highways project which has seen carriageway resurfacing, replacing sections of central reservation, refreshed road markings and upgrading street lighting.

More details on the roadworks on the A38 can be found here.

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6 months ago

It makes me wonder how bad the rest of it is, this is just one short stretch! Some people are absolutely disgusting.

John Allen
6 months ago

I despair at the number of lazy, ignorant people in this country. Fly tipping is on the increase, exacerbated by cutbacks in public services, and the deplorable people who do this know they are unlikely to be caught. Oops, starting to sound like a Sunday School preacher from the 1890s again, Alica Fibmerchant. Never mind-I’ll take that as a compliment.

Burntwood Grumper
6 months ago

@John Allen.

Pity we can’t do emojis on here, but thumbs up.

John Griffin
6 months ago

Monday morning 0715 commute from Burntwood to Stafford: Maccies bags all over, roadside food and cans, road across Chase litter everywhere. Nobody cares apart from volunteer pickers.