Cllr David Williams and Cllr Janice Silvester-Hall at the new junction
Cllr David Williams and Cllr Janice Silvester-Hall at the new junction

Work has been completed on an £800,000 project to improve a Lichfield junction.

A new junction has been put in place at the junction of Eastern Avenue and Grange Lane, while resurfacing of the stretch to the A51 has also taken place.

The work was carried out following the death of a motorcyclist at the site.

Other improvements include a new puffin crossing on Grange Lane and an upgrade to the existing puffin crossing on Eastern Avenue to make it a toucan crossing.

Cllr David Williams, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport at Staffordshire County Council, said:

“This was an important scheme for the city and it’s great news that the work is complete.

“It’s one of many schemes we’ve completed recently to improve journeys for people across the county – and, as well as providing smoother journeys for drivers, we’ve also made it safer for people walking or cycling in the area.”

Cllr David Williams, Staffordshire County Council

Funding for the work was secured from the HS2 road safety fund and a recently successful Department for Transport grant.

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5 months ago

Given the fantastic planning in Staffordshire. I expect there will be an announcement next week that the road will be closed for a couple of weeks. While a developer or utility company digs up the road and does the most half hearted attempt to replace the road surface.

Grumpy old man
5 months ago

I still
L maintain a roundabout would have been quicker and cheaper and would still work during a power cut ? Let’s hope they remember to pay the leccy bill !

Stephen Maskrey
5 months ago

The traffic lights may have taken time but they will definitely make the road Safe for all so the deserve congratulations on a job well done

5 months ago

Another waisted money from public into nonsense works, similar to HS2- and we supposed to be happy 😁
The traffic in Lichfield is a mess for months now, the population from Fradley and Alrewas if is about to come into Lichfield can only do trough sideway roads doing daily good extra miles but, we are happy to have another traffic 🚦 in Eastern Av , yee!!!

Mrs H
5 months ago

Travelled along Eastern Avenue today (Saturday) towards the Hedgehog, pulled up at the lights, signalling to go left down Grange Lane. We sat waiting for the lights to change (nobody in the lane next to us) when suddenly this van came belting past us, through the red light and swung right.! I certainly hope you are right @Stephen Maskrey in saying that the lights will definitely make it safer for us, but if this is anything to go by…..

5 months ago

Was it intentional to have two sets of traffic lights within a hundred yards of each other?

5 months ago

Yes Alex, we should be happy. For many years this has been a dangerous junction, mainly because motorists didn’t know how to navigate it properly (I used to live on Grange Lane and have witnessed many near misses). The traffic lights will be a very minor inconvenience, but they will make it much safer for motorists and pedestrians/schoolchildren. It has got absolutely nothing with the HS2/A38 roadworks except that HS2 money has, in part, funded the junction and road improvements!

5 months ago

Has anyone else noticed the size of the stones in the tarmac of the resurfaced area near the friary school? Doesn’t look like the usual finish, more a basecoat. When they eventually become dislodged expect a few broken windscreens!

David Smith
5 months ago

That is a good job well done. The A38 to Alrewas etc is also now finished. Makes driving a Pleasure

Richard perrins
5 months ago

how do they justify £800.000 surely the council already have the materials.

Ken Smith
5 months ago

Far easier and cheaper would have been to make Grange Lane one way to cut in half the people using it as a shortcut.

Very few junctions are inherently dangerous – it’s road users that make them so through speed, inattention and bad driving.

Nigel Knight
5 months ago

Should do something about the Stafford Road junction. That is very dangerous!

5 months ago

It would be good if the roadworks in the near future extended to improving Grange Lane north of Eastern Avenue. Regularly obstructed by fallen branches and pot holes, it’s not the easiest road to navigate, particularly when confronted by oncoming commercial vehicles and large 4x4s.

4 months ago

Richard – If you eat a tin of baked beans from your kitchen cupboard are they free because you already had them? If you want to heat those beans up, would there be costs involved? If you wanted one of your employees (let’s assume you have employees for the purposes of this exercise, like the council does), to heat those beans up for you, would there be costs involved? What if you needed someone to work out what the best way to heat up and serve the beans?

£800.000 would be extremely cheap and is not the same as £800,000.