A near capacity audience saw some talented musicians perform their own songs as well as discussing their writing process and musical influences.

Robert Jackson, Farefeld and Daniel Bradley showcased sets ranging from songs about love and romance, family relationships, to historical songs and more politically pointed numbers about the state of the world, climate change and the refugee crisis.

With all four performers on stage at once, their was a free-flowing conversation as they talked about writing songs and what it meant to them as performers finding ways to communicate with audiences, as well as how to tell stories and write sympathetic music to go along with the images that the words created.

The evening started with Robert Jackson’s On a Whim, while Daniel Bradley proved his pedigree as a virtuoso guitarist with singing and songwriting skills to match with All Over The Floor, which told the story of hen parties on a Sunday morning.

Farefeld’s Silence on Our Streets was a lockdown inspired love song, while their Maggie Manson – a piece inspired by some found love letters – finished the first half.

The second half of the evening featured some ensemble playing, which was shown to best effect during the traditional songs of Henry Martin and the closing Silver Dagger.