An artist's impression of the new leisure centre at Stychbrook Park
An artist's impression of the new leisure centre at Stychbrook Park

Images have been released showing what Lichfield’s new leisure centre will look like.

The CGI pictures of the £10million development at Stychbrook Park show the building and play area alongside the facility.

A planning application has been submitted for the new leisure centre which is being designed by ReCreation to replace the existing Friary Grange Leisure Centre.

If the scheme is given the go-ahead its will include a new 25 metre variable depth swimming pool, fitness gym, dance studio, spin studio, community room and outdoor 3G pitch.

Cllr Andy Smith, Lichfield District Council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for leisure, parks and major projects, said:

“We know how important good leisure facilities are to the district’s residents and our officers are forging ahead with delivering the new leisure centre at Stychbrook Park.

“We are pleased to share these new images which show how the leisure centre is set to look and acknowledge the submission of the planning application which is an important milestone in the delivery of the project.”

Cllr Andy Smith, Lichfield District Council

Lichfield District Council say consultation has been taking place over the summer on the design proposals, while highways experts have also been “resolving traffic challenges” associated with the new centre.

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6 months ago

It looks absolutely garbage. This is really the best you could come up with? Boring, bland, zero character, zero aesthetic appeal and not even a proper leisure centre. I actually wouldn’t bother if that’s the best you can do for £10m

6 months ago

What’s going to happen at the Friary School? My son just started there and now no leisure centre?

Joanne Grange
6 months ago

I’m hugely disappointed to see the design hadn’t evolved to take account of the emerging issues with 3G pitches. The infill material is rubber crumb which can result in microplastics in water run-off and there is emerging evidence of issues with the carcinogens inherent in the material. Installing a new 3G pitch against this backdrop of increasing concern about them both from an environmental and health perspective and the soon to be introduced EU ban (another Brexit benefit?!) would appear short-sighted in the extreme.

Jolly Roger
6 months ago

So, where does the path in the foreground of the first picture lead to? And I feel sorry for the houses that directly overlook the floodlit car park. I hope there are no children’s bedrooms facing that way, or anyone who works night shifts. So much for preserving ‘dark skies’ and green spaces.

6 months ago

This will be a total white elephant. Wrong place,poor transport links, I’ve yet to meet anyone who wants it.

6 months ago

Squash, badminton courts, indoor bowls? I hope it’s going to be big enough to cope for all the new residents.

6 months ago

10 million ots going to cost. Around Lichfield and surrounding Boroughs, hedge rows not cut back. Round signs covered or dirty. Pot holes.
Totally agree, sporting facilities are great, but need priorities sorting first. Never in a long time seen the state of our villages the way they are. roads signs missing, or so dirty you can not read them. Round markings warn out. Trees and shrubs growing out of the curb edging entering Islands. The list can go on and on. Come on, look around you, the place needs a good clean and service before spending 10 million on some thatcwe have already for the time being.

5 months ago

Hayley the school don’t use the leisure centre they use the sports hall

5 months ago

Steve you haven’t met many people then go and speak to the people that use it at present

Janette Walton
5 months ago

I was led to believe that money is secured and that general plans were ready. This was at the public information meeting held at the Friary Centre a month or so ago. I also understood that design plans were to be utilised based on another such pool etc elsewhere. And therefore , again basically ready.
I was shown the circular diagram explaining progress. I was assured that progress was over three quarter completed i.e Funding, plus overall design plans .

I asked about the use of the term ‘plans’ at that late stage and was told not to worry basically. I thought ‘planning’ at that stage was for internal detail/ safety access etc.

From the above notice can we really expect the sports complex to be built and in the time frame being suggested at the above meeting?

Alica Fibmerchant
5 months ago

this might turn out to be the best designed, best value leisure centre in the universe, but even if it was it would still be built in the wrong place. The fact it’ll be a poorly designed and poor value leisure centre in the wrong place is frankly just depressing and typical of our local authorities.

A, carre
5 months ago

I see no mention of disability access to the pool yet again. Are we disabled still stuck with the indignity of the chair lift operated by the staff who most times do not know how to use it or is it going to be permanently broken like friary grange one. All we are asking for is a ramp to get in and out the pool. It would be nice to swim, which benefits many disability, in our home city instead of travelling miles or having to use over priced private facilities just for a swim. The building looks good for disabled access so far.lets hope the facilities live up to expectations.

Nicola Wright
5 months ago

Another pipe dream I expect. Like all the other development projects it will get rejected or the money will run out.
Sorry to be negative but I am sick of all the plans that never materialise.