An artist's impression of the proposed development on Gaia Lane
An artist's impression of the proposed development on Gaia Lane

Plans to partially demolish a Lichfield property and build a new home on land in Lichfield have been rejected.

The proposals were for an existing bungalow at 49 Gaia Lane.

The development would have seen the 2,500 square metre plot divided into two to make way for the new home.

But planning chiefs refused permission for the work, saying:

“The proposed development would result in conflict between protected mature trees and future residential occupants of the development which is likely to result in the unacceptable loss of protected mature trees which form an important landscape feature of significant visual amenity to the local area.

“This would therefore cause undue harm to the area in terms of impact on visual amenity and the amenity of future occupants.

“It has not been demonstrated that the development would result in an acceptable level of residential amenity for future occupiers, due to the lack of unshaded areas in the proposed private gardens, and there is unacceptable natural light available to serve the proposed dwellings.”

Planning report

Full details can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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18 days ago

But the planning department arnt bothered about all the hedge rows ripped out by big developers.
No balls then.

8 days ago

So trees are more important? What a strange world we live in.

8 days ago

Ann’s are you for real, trees produce oxygen,no oxygen no people

8 days ago

AnnS Trees ,Hedges parkland ,forests act as lungs…………….no lungs no life………get it? Look what is happening with the destruction of the vast Amazon forests.