Temporary traffic lights near Trent Valley island
Temporary traffic lights near Trent Valley island

Motorists are being warned of delays at a major Lichfield junction once again later this month.

Cadent will carry out gas main repairs on the A5127 near to Trent Valley island.

It will see temporary traffic lights installed for the duration of the work, which is scheduled to take place between 27th November and 29th December.

A letter to residents from Cadent said:

“Multiple traffic management measures will be in place during the three phases of the

“Two and three way lights will be used as required. This will enable our team to
complete their work safely and protect members of the public throughout the duration of
the scheme.

“We appreciate this is likely to cause you some inconvenience, for which we apologise.
However, this is important work to ensure the safe supply of gas to the area. We will
make every effort to complete the scheme as efficiently as possible.”

Cadent spokesperson

The roadworks are the latest in and around the island, with previous schemes leading to lengthy delays for motorists and frustration for residents and businesses due to the ongoing closure of the A38 slip road into Streethay meaning the A5127 is now the only way to access their properties.

Back in March, questions were raised over roadworks at the junction which saw lengthy tailbacks on surrounding routes after it emerged temporary traffic lights had been left in place even after the carriageway repairs had been completed.

Then in July, the queues returned as Cadent carried out three weeks of gas main repairs.

Staffordshire County Council insisted in September that it was taking steps to minimise disruption caused by roadworks despite two separate projects being given the go-ahead to take place on separate days within the same week.

The disruption for Streethay residents has also been exacerbated by the removal of train services to and from Lichfield City until platform repair works are completed at the end of the year.

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Brenda Bristol
7 months ago

Your’re joking – not another one!?

7 months ago

I’ve never known a section of road dug up so much. I’m so glad I don’t live on that estate anymore, once the A38 junction was closed the Burton Road is the only way to access the estate. It could sometimes take 30+ minutes to pass the lights from Cappers Lane.

Cadent need to start being held responsible, and get the job done correctly so it doesn’t have to be dug up again.

Mrs Brown
7 months ago

Please explain WHY is this taking more than 1 month?

Ken H
7 months ago

I think the time they’ve already spent there repairing, they could of put a brand new main in

Nigel Knight
7 months ago

Temporarily permanent!

7 months ago

Well here we go again another massive delay on this roundabout. Bet the same three blokes will be leaning on the railing all day watching two men work in a hole. When I say all day I mean after 10am when they turn up but before 4pm when they all leave and you can guarantee it wont be completed on time. Those poor people in Streethay must have had thier homes devalued by 50%.

Ed Eaton
7 months ago

It’s the same story every time, but there seems to be no culpability or responsibility for the lack of coordination or constant need to rip up this road. I would imagine that if a major retailer was on the wrong side of these roadworks (for example if Marks and Spencers or Aldi had occupied the land by Trent valley station) then I wonder if their voices of complaint would be heard more than the small independent businesses or residents of Streethay? Suddenly the local councillors, MP, council etc would start actually making a noise about this. As it stands, it seems like there is no one who will stick up for us and we simply put up and shut up.
I have seen the local councillor’s response on Facebook to this situation and I have to say he seemed rather disinterested and had a “what do you expect me to do about it?” attitude.

7 months ago

I seem to be the only one who hasn’t dug up this island. Where do you apply?

7 months ago

Prepare for more gridlock, as if there is not already disruption from a cancelled HS2 !!!!!

Jolly Roger
7 months ago

Unbelievable! There’s no other word for it. If they had done it right in the first place we wouldn’t need this, especially in the run up to Christmas. Traders in Lichfield need customers, this is just going to drive (no pun intended) people to shop elsewhere, especially given the proposed car park charging changes. Tamworth’s gain will be Lichfield’s loss.

7 months ago

This is beyond ridiculous. Why are the council allowing all of these road closures and roadworks at the same time? And the busiest time of year for shoppers and businesses as well. Crazy!

King Charles IV
7 months ago

Thoughts and prayers. Can we send food parcels to the encircled residents of Streethay via a zip lip? I’m only half joking. The situation there one road in that is mostly knackered, is unplanned, and must be a right pain.

7 months ago

@Jolly Roger…. Tamworth will only gain if Lichfield folk don’t have to travel via Trent Valley Island (ha ha!)

Ken H
7 months ago

The time they’ve spent on repairs, you’re of thought they could of put a new main in by now
This will block all the traffic in Lichfield at Christmas time
No good for the shops

6 months ago

More disruption causing residents of Streethay to be trapped or unable to get home! Outrageous when the train line is still closed between lichfield trent valley and lichfield city – there is no other way in!
These works by Cadent should have been completed back in July. Failure to complete should result in these works being postponed until the southbound A38 sliproad is back open, to allow another way into Streethay. Alternatively if the job is urgent then Cadent should have to work 24 hours to ensure the job is completed quickly.
Not to mention the money that the council are sitting on that was paid by the new Streethay estate house builders to improve the trent valley roundabout – what has happened to this money?!
And now they want to build a massive estate in Netherstowe/Curborough without improving the road infrastructure.
It’s a disgrace!