Suella Braverman waving
Suella Braverman. Picture: Simon Dawson/No 10 Downing Street

Lichfield’s MP says he is “sad” to see Suella Braverman leave her role.

The Home Secretary left her position as part of a cabinet reshuffle announced today (13th November).

It comes after she made controversial comments suggesting there had been bias in the way protests were being policed.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said that while he was disappointed to see Mrs Braverman depart, her understood the reasons behind the Prime Minister’s decision.

“I am sad to see Suella go – I think she was a strong Home Secretary with all the right instincts.

“But all Prime Ministers need team players with self-discipline and the team captain must be the Prime Minister.

“I shall miss her on the front bench.”

Michael Fabricant

The reshuffle has also seen former Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed as the new Foreign Secretary.

The Lichfield MP said there would be questions on the appointment from some quarters.

“David Cameron will bring much needed heft to the role of Foreign Secretary – but, while not unknown in the past, the appointment of someone who is not an MP means he will not be accountable to MPs in the House of Commons Chamber.

“Many will question this.”

Michael Fabricant

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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Mrs Brown
22 days ago

Worst Home Sect in many years. Best gone

22 days ago

Amazing, having criticised previous Tory administrations as taking the easy short-term decisions that have failed the nation. Presenting himself as the leader for ‘change’ ‘willing to take the hard decisions for the long-term’, Sunak resurrects David Cameron. Presumably one of those he accuses of previous failures! Change …
Osborne, May, Johnson and Truss next?
What a shambles!

22 days ago

‘The right instincts’ are not enough, good judgement is essential in a senior government post. Someone whose judgement is so poor that they have now been sacked from the same job twice, is, quite rightly, not fit for any government post, even when the bar is set as low as it is now in this government.

22 days ago

How will you miss her on the front bench? You have never sat on the front bench or ever had a job as a minister at any level for that matter, in any government.

mad mike
22 days ago

I take then you agree with Cruella’s view that homelessness is a ‘lifestyle choice’ – nothing to do with disastrous Tory housing policies, soaring poverty levels and rising cost of living.

22 days ago

Let’s face it we are in big, big trouble. There has been no stability in government for a long time. No matter how bad things got, like with Covid, the government contrived to make it worse. Much else like HS2, the economy, NHS, and immigration have all become shambles. And lastly a trail of lies and false information on policy.
To now bring an ex prime minister, who deserted the nation in time of need and is now not even an elected MP, into an influential position is risible.
We are becoming a laughing stock. Our credibility in the world is rock bottom. Who could ever sort this mess out? It is almost beyond recovery.

22 days ago

Oh dear, SB was sacked for having the guts to tell the truth! A rare occurrence in these days of the typical MP who are nowadays spineless and self serving and career and money obsessed.

21 days ago

In these times of division Braverman has managed to get some much needed unity back into British politics. Those in the opposition parties have long considered her to be a dangerous lunatic and now most of the Conservative party agree too.

Scott Armstrong
21 days ago

November 10 on GB News and across X: “Suella Braverman was saying what she really believes in, I think it’s rather refreshing!” Conservative MP, Sir Michael Fabricant, respects Braverman for speaking out about police double standards.

November 13 on X and here after the Home Secretary is sacked for the comments she made about the police: “…all Prime Ministers need team players with self-discipline and the team captain must be the Prime Minister.”

Which is it Mr FlipFlop?

Clare Sholl
21 days ago

Meanwhile, outside of the Westminster bubble, people are suffering under the Tory government with food bank use on the rise, the NHS struggling, and an ongoing cost of living crisis. What a shame our MP can’t find the time to express regret about the real issues facing his constituents instead of bemoaning the fate of a failed Home Secretary. It’s time we had politicians who care about the people who pay their wages instead of it always being about them and their Tory soap opera. Britain can do better than this shambles!

20 days ago

I’m sorry to see Suella go too. The longer she stayed, the more people would vote Labour!