Employment coach Andy Sweeney with Michael Fabricant and Amy Evans
Employment coach Andy Sweeney with Michael Fabricant and Amy Evans

Lichfield’s MP has been given the chance to find out more about a project helping people back into work.

Michael Fabricant visited Jobs 22’s Lichfield Restart Scheme office last week where he met staff and participants on the Department for Work and Pensions’ initiative.

The service helps boost employability by offering advice on things such as writing a CV and cover letters while also addressing health and wellbeing needs of participants.

Among those the Conservative MP met was Amy Evans, who has been on the Restart Scheme since January.

After receiving support, she began volunteering at a local fire station and a club working with children to help her progress towards a job in the sector.

Amy said:

“I think it’s good that our local MP came along to see how long-term unemployed people are being supported.

“He talked about the journey he took to work in politics and how we all take different routes to get to somewhere we want to be. He also said he sometimes gets nervous speaking in the House of Commons, comparing it to interviews, which are also anxious experiences.

“He gave us some advice on how to channel our nerves which was really helpful.”

Amy Evans

The scheme sees an employment coach work with participants to identify specific barriers that may prevent them finding long term work.

The Lichfield MP said:

“It was fascinating to see the DWP’s Restart Scheme in action at the Jobs 22 centre in Lichfield.

“Stable employment gives people so much more control in their life and a greater sense of purpose. I also recognise there are many barriers that hold people back from securing employment.

“I was very interested by the work that Jobs 22 is doing, tackling many of these barriers through effective training, through the Restart Scheme. I am also grateful for the support from local employers too, who have been working with Jobs 22 to provide many different employment opportunities.”

Sir Michael Fabricant

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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Scott Armstrong
21 days ago

As he’s now an expert he can offer advice to the former Home Secretary, the former Environment Secretary and a few other ministers who lost their jobs yesterday

Burntwoods finest.
21 days ago

He’ll be joining them come the next general election hopefully

Alica Fibmerchant
21 days ago

There is a difference between volunteering or helping a local community or charity. Working for free is not a job. Asking people to give up their time while knowing you don’t have to pay them is taking advantage of people in desperate circumstances. Shouldn’t be allowed. A fair wage for a fair days work is basic human right

20 days ago

This would be good if it was good…but it isnt! There are so many subterfuges that have loopholes in employment legislation to solicit cheap labour.
Work experience, that pays nothing, gives little job education and is often abused.
Short apprenticeships (so beloved by fast food outlets) often for one year and paying below the base national wage. Of course there are no permanent jobs, just a certificate and a new batch of cheap labour.
The gig economy which is largely unregulated or fair.
The proliferation of short or part time work that offers no normal benefits (holiday pay, sick pay etc)
It is worrying that university educated people are now having to do menial jobs. The cruel reality is that meaningful employment is diminishing. AI will only exacerbate this.

Burntwoods bestest
20 days ago

Great to see our MP doing grass roots stuff. Now it’s time for local councillors to open and honest and less combative with each other.

19 days ago

And I thought he did this visit because he’s a local MP on top of local issues. However, I see today that these initiatives are part of the Chancellors money grab from the unfortunate in our society.

Alica Fibmerchant
18 days ago

Working for free is a mugs game. Anyone can do it.

Fine if people can afford to work for free to give something back but people in such fortunate circumstances are few and far between.

People like the lady in this article need to earn a decent wage. If there’s a job then there should be a fair salary. Or else it’s either pointless work or exploitation. Possibly both.