A pedestrianised street in Lichfield city centre

Drivers have been warned they will now face fines if caught flouting new pedestrianisation rules in Lichfield city centre.

Lichfield District Council has carried out a six month consultation on the scheme which it says are designed to “strike a balance” between creating a safe environment for visitors and ensuring access where necessary.

The new rules will mean that on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays blue badge holders, delivery drivers and permit holders can access city centre roads.

From 9pm to midday on other days all vehicles will be restricted from the area with the exception of those delivering for business and those accessing off-street parking facilities. 

The local authority said that from today (16th November) “robust management” of the traffic restrictions will be in place – and will mean drivers who flout them could be fined.

Lichfield District Council’s cabinet member for high streets and visitor economy, CllrJanice Silvester-Hall, said:

“Consultation with members of the public and businesses has been ongoing and by continuously assessing the trial’s impact we aim to enhance the scheme’s effectiveness and contribute to creating a safe, prosperous and vibrant city centre.”

Cllr Janice Silvester-Hall, Lichfield District Council

The council said signage had been installed to direct visitors to appropriate car parks, with details also available on the local authority’s website.

A new consultation on the revised pedestrianisation is also underway, with a survey due to be launched in December.

Drop-in events will also be hosted at the Lichfield Guildhall from 2pm to 6pm on 21st November and 23rd January.

For more information on the pedestrianisation scheme visit the Lichfield District Council website.

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Grumpy old man
19 days ago

Who is going to enforce it ? CCTV because we never see any Police presence ? SADLY

19 days ago

So I can walk through the town on Saturday without worry of getting mown down!! Let’s hope that there are plenty of traffic wardens about because it seems that yes people will just flout the law.

19 days ago

Had my daily routine walk into town and managed to avoid getting run over by the numerous cars etc driving through the city however did see an empty police vehicle outside macdonalds ???

Jammy Dodger
18 days ago

Who is going to enforce it? Currently plenty of drivers drive in excess of 20mph in Stowe ward 20mph zone. Plenty of drivers still drive with their mobile phone in their hand Not hands free while using phone. Drivers do not seem to be aware of not stopping on pedestrian crossings causing an obstruction. There seems to be little respect for highway code, property or the community and it will only get worse over the winter period.

18 days ago

Believe it when I see it along with pigs in the sky. Restrictions that where in place over recent weeks were broken time and time again. It’s needed but will it happen. Not holding my breath.

18 days ago

Just walked through town and 2 cars were driving through. When do these “pedestrian rules” start? Coz they are flouting it today

Steven Norman
17 days ago

Can Lichfield Live check with the Leader if this is still the case following his apparent statement, on his own Twitter, sorry, X, account yesterday on pavement enforcement?