An artist's impression of the HS2 line
An artist's impression of the HS2 line

The Prime Minister has been asked to ensure that residents are compensated for disruption caused by the derailed second phase of HS2.

The stretch of the high speed rail project between Birmingham and Manchester has been axed, although work will continue around Lichfield to link up the Phase One section with the West Coast Main Line at Handsacre.

Rishi Sunak was asked about those who had been impacted by the HS2 scheme even though it will now not reach their homes or businesses.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said:

“On behalf of my constituents in Lichfield, I thank him for having the guts to actually stop HS2.

“But can I ask that the area within my constituency in the north where construction is still going on that this is completed swiftly, and that for those areas which are not now going to have HS2 compensation is also made swiftly to those people who are expecting it?”

Michael Fabricant

The Prime Minister answered:

“I thank my Hon Friend for his question and for his consistent campaigning on this issue, and I recall his last Prime Minister’s Question on this very topic.

“I’d like to reassure him that we are committed to fair treatment for people affected by the changes, whilst also protecting taxpayers appropriately.

“Wherever property has been acquired for HS2, property owners have been fully compensated and any outstanding cases will be settled.

“We are developing a programme to sell the surplus land on HS2 Phase Two and ensure that it delivers value for money, does not disrupt local property markets, and I will ensure that the Rail Minister meets with him swiftly on behalf of his constituents.”

Rishi Sunak

Speaking after the House of Commons debate, the Lichfield MP said:

“I know that farmers and landowners are still waiting for compensation – and where constituents have recently sold land or property and it is not now needed by HS2, I am keen that it be offered back to its previous owners for the same price for which it was sold. 

“Meanwhile, where work goes on around Lichfield, it is important that this be completed as swiftly as possible so life can return to normal and roads and footpaths reopened.”

Michael Fabricant

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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7 months ago

Again Sir Michael Fabricant stands up for his constituents. Time and time again criticised as if he does nothing, he wants to hold government to account. I’m just waiting for the spin that his haters put on this. It’s laughable .

7 months ago

Well Mr Fabricant you are not thanking the Prime Minister on my behalf. For us the situation remains largely unchanged. We will still derive no benefit from this HS2 development, and the disruption will be prolonged as this section will now have low priority.
I recall there was some euphoria when the announcement about cancellation was made. It was wrongly assumed that the impact for Lichfield and the area would not happen. We now know that is not the case and all our MP can do is plead that the ongoing mess will be cleared up promptly, and that those more directly affected will be properly compensated.
I think we all know this is not likely going to happen !

Scott Armstrong
7 months ago

No spin required @Tom

Too little too late once again from Mr FlipFlop.
His only real “opposition” to this came once the HS2 Bill had made its way safely through Parliament when it was too late to make any meaningful attempt to stop it.
I accept he is in a very difficult position as his very close ally and good chum Andy Street is such a passionate supporter of HS2 and the Mayor of Brum has even talked about getting a private bid together to get the Manchester route finished. So Mr FlipFlop once again has to be careful what he says.

It is an approach Mr FlipFlop applies to so many issues, particularly HS2. Apart from when he’s playing to the baying crowd on GBNews, or looking to boost his social media figures by appealing to the lowest common denominator, Mr FlipFlop can only be relied to speak when it serves his own interests first and foremost.