Lichfield and Burntwood residents are being urged to take steps to avoid become victims of parcel thefts.

With more deliveries taking place in the run up to Christmas, Staffordshire Police is warning thieves will also be looking for opportunities.

Doorstep thefts see criminals taking parcels left on the doorstep by a delivery driver.

A Staffordshire Police spokesperson said:

“To help prevent your parcel from being stolen you can take steps such as tracking your delivery to ensure someone is at home, or arranging for it to delivered to a trusted neighbour.

“Alternatively, you can use an off-site locker service for deliveries as these are usually in busy, safer locations such as supermarkets.”

Staffordshire Police spokesperson

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7 months ago

And of course delivery drivers could also help by knocking doors or ringing bells to see if someone is at home. I recently had a parcel dropped at my doorstep and then sent a photograph by the delivery company, when if he/she/they had bothered to knock or ring would have found me at home.

7 months ago

When did ‘doorstep delivery’ become a thing though? It used to be that they’d try a neighbour or you’d get a ‘failed delivery’ notice.
Now they just dump and run – they’re often back in the van before you get to the front door, even if you’re in.
That’s what the police should focus on – the delivery companies have created this theft opportunity, not residents.

Burntwoods finest.
7 months ago

While I totally agree that’s its wrong to dump and run, you have to see it from the delivery drivers side. Most of these drivers are self employed and contracted to dpd, yodel, evri etc and only get paid for that item when it is finally delivered. If the customer is not in, trying neighbours who can be rude and un cooperative at times, writing out cards and returning parcel to depot can be very time consuming, and the parcel then needs to be redelivered sometimes two or times before being handed over and the driver getting paid.
If the delivery company paid the drivers a fair price they could take a while longer, but then the cost of delivery goes up. As for the theives who steal them , porch pirates they’re called, they should get the same treatment as burglars.