Daniel Williams as King Charles I
Daniel Williams as King Charles I

King Charles I will return to Lichfield for the first time in almost 400 years this weekend.

Daniel Williams will bring the character of the royal figure back to life at the Lichfield Christmas Fayre tomorrow (19th November).

The monarch was on the throne throughout the civil war in the 1640s which saw battles take place across the city.

Daniel said:

“I am looking forward to bringing King Charles I to life for the people of Lichfield and visitors coming from far and wide on Sunday.”

Daniel Williams

Daniel’s King Charles will pay a visit to the cathedral at 1pm before heading to the George and Dragon – which stands alongside the site from which civil war cannons were fired during a siege of the cathedral – at 3pm.

The 49-year-old performer from Sutton Coldfield has travelled across the UK as King Charles I performing at a range of events and festivals.

“On my royal progress around Lichfield I will be happy to pose for pbotographs.”

Daniel Williams

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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17 days ago

Mrm! A man who thought he was above the law.

‘This Court doth adjudge that he the said Charles Stuart, as a Tyrant, Traitor, Murderer and Public Enemy to the good people of this Nation, [and] shall be put to death, by the severing of his head from his body’.

17 days ago

Misguided alliance earned Lichfield the epithet ‘Loyal and Ancient City’. Charles 1st held the Royal perogative as being total power. Carnage ensued, along with the loss of many historical artifacts and records. Had he succeeded our lives now would be very different.
The citizens of Lichfield were woefully treated in the civil war. I am sure Daniel Williams could find a more worthy character to depict.

16 days ago

Daniel is a superb person and is just brilliant at doing Charles. The keyboard warriors. #philip… Please support someone who is just trying to support our local community. It’s history and fascinating. If you have nothing better to do than have a go at someone who is trying to generate interest in our community. Please keep your comments to yourself. I find people like you genuinely boring.

15 days ago

@ Andy… It is admirable that you wish to defend your friend. That you find my contribution boring is your perogative. You might find the history of Lichfield in the Civil War even more fascinating if you availed yourself of its facts. The women and children taken as hostages and used as shields for instance. Regardless of the passage of time, romanticising such a cruel war is inappropriate. All ‘civil’ wars bring out the worst in human nature, its aftermath extended long after its conclusion.

Alica Fibmerchant
15 days ago

Philip…..do you realise this is role play and not an actual attempt at bringing Charles I back to life? I think you’re taking it a bit too seriously? Were you deeply and personally impacted by the events of the 1640’s?

15 days ago

Not at all Alica… Anymore than the seven ongoing civil wars ongoing in the world today. Not counting, of course the Israel/ Palestine and Russia/ Romania conflicts. For further consideration there was the Spanish (gruesome), French, American, Russian and many other civil wars that have spilt much innocent blood and impoverished societies (as it did in Lichfield). The icing on the cake was the two world wars; sixty million deaths in the second and unfathomable injuries.
I think you have to learn from history. Perhaps I am too sensitive and empathetic. If you like that form of roll play there are plenty of options in the dressing up box.