Health chiefs say more patients across Staffordshire can now access their medical records online than in almost anywhere else in the country.

Across the county 97% of practices offer the service, above the national target of 90%.

Dr Paddy Hannigan, clinical director for primary care at the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Integrated Care Board (ICB), said:

“We are extremely pleased so many practices have signed up to and are now offering patients online access to their medical records. We hope to hit 100 per cent soon.

“Patients will now be able to access all parts of their future medical records, including documents and free text following a consultation so they can check the advice they have been given in-surgery.

“This can support patient health and well-being and provide positive health outcomes for patients.”

Dr Paddy Hannigan

For details on how to view your records online, visit the NHS website.

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7 months ago

I would love to remind all patients that in the first instance you will still need to join the 8am madhouse in order to see a doctor in the first place. Best of luck with that then at Westgate thats 31,000 people in the queue before you!

Graham Hart
7 months ago

I have access.
I can see nothing at all but a list of my meds.
I have lots of health issues.

Alica Fibmerchant
7 months ago

Maybe this is why you can’t get an appointment or get the surgery to answer the phone… it because they are all sat in front of a laptop doing data entry?

it wasn’t a great service before Covid but it was adequate….now it’s not even third world standards.

Chris B
7 months ago

Do hope whoever is responsible for keeping each Patients Records up to date input the correct information.
My Medical Records have multiple errors and omissions.