Fairfields Farm
Fairfields Farm. Picture: Google Streetview

A report has backed plans for a new livestock unit at a farm in Shenstone.

Lichfield District Council’s planning committee will debate the proposals for Fairfields Farm on Raikes Lane tomorrow (27th November) after objections were raised by Wall Parish Council and Shenstone Parish Council.

Issues such as the impact of increased traffic on local roads and noise from the site.

But a planning officer’s report said the scheme should be given the go-ahead.

“In principle, the principle of the addition of an additional livestock unit in this location is acceptable. The site is an established agricultural premises and there are a number of existing buildings of a similar scale to the proposed.

“The issue of heavy goods vehicles and vehicular movements has been raised by both Wall Parish Council and Shenstone Parish Council. Officers note that the county highway authority have raised no objections to the proposal and consider that the impacts of the proposal can be suitably controlled by appropriate planning conditions.”

Planning report

If approved the new unit would join nine others on the site and be used for poultry. It would allow the farm to comply with new Better Chicken Commitment rules designed to set standards for broiler chicken welfare.

“The additional poultry unit will allow for more birds and mean the number of birds on site can be up to 285,000.

“Overall, it is noted that this still amounts to a drop in bird numbers on the existing legal capacity of 325,000 birds.”

Planning report

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