A pedestrianised street in Lichfield city centre

Adjustments are being made to a controversial pedestrianisation scheme in Lichfield city centre.

The move had seen vehicles banned on certain days of the week – a change which drew criticism from businesses and disabled motorists.

But with six months of the pedestrianisation trial remaining, Lichfield District Council said the scheme would be “updated” from 4th March.

The changes will see restrictions on deliveries removed, while blue badge holders will be able to drive through the city centre to access bays on Bore Street, although there will be no stopping in other areas of the city centre.

Taxis, meanwhile, will not be able to enter the pedestrianised area which includes Tamworth Street, Conduit Street, Bore Street, Market Street, Breadmarket Street, Dam Street, Bird Street, and Sandford Street.

Cllr Janice Silvester-Hall, cabinet member for high streets and the visitor economy, said:

“The council is committed to transforming Lichfield city centre into a safer, more attractive destination for both visitors and residents.

“Pedestrianisation aims to make it safer for people to walk on the streets and therefore making the city centre a healthier place for everyone.

“Over the last 12 months we have listened to many different opinions from people, businesses and groups across the city and the refinements to the trial have been made in response to those submissions.

“We have also heard from many people who really want the pedestrianisation scheme to be a success and I am pleased to see it moving into the final phase of the trial in a way that people can support.”

Cllr Janice Silvester-Hall

The council has also confirmed that fines will be issued to motorists flouting the updated rules.

Questions about the changes have been raised by Cllr Steve Norman, however. The chair of the local authority’s overview and scrutiny committee asked the cabinet member to clarify whether the restriction on roads beyond Bore Street meant blue badge holders could not be dropped off or picked up.

Cllr Silvester-Hall responded:

“The no stopping refers specifically to the areas which are currently blue badge parking spaces in Tamworth Street, Conduit Street and Market Street.

“Dropping off – or setting down passengers – is typically classed as loading or unloading and not stopping.”

Cllr Janice Silvester-Hall

Cllr Norman said the pedestrianisation task group, which he also chairs, would also examine other issues related to the changes.

“We have met with carers of blue badge holders and a business that has been particularly affected by the experimental order and will be interviewing the cabinet member and officers in the next few weeks.

“One of the recommendations in the report on pedestrianisation was for the council to consider the provision of resting places – seating – at least every 50 metres.

“However, we were told that the market traders utilise the benches when they are there and I have also seen how difficult it is to use a bench when they are wet.”

Cllr Steve Norman

Lichfield District Council said a long term decision on pedestrianisation would be made following the end of the trial.

People are able to give their views by emailing [email protected], calling 01543 308000, or writing to Pedestrianisation Scheme Views, Lichfield District Council, Frog Lane, Lichfield, WS13 6YU.

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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1 month ago

So it will be pedestrianised apart from all the cars and vans driving through it. Completely pointless.

Carl Sholl
1 month ago

Sounds like a little bit of common sense at last, but Cllr Silvester-Hall’s comment has me baffled – “Dropping off – or setting down passengers – is typically classed as loading or unloading and not stopping.” So, can disabled passengers be dropped off or not?

Elizabeth Wright
1 month ago

Do what sensible people are doing – shown by empty shops and poor market, avoid Lichfield, go elsewhere !

1 month ago

This will put visitors off coming into Lichfield so damage trade . Parking is not easy, confusing and expensive , they will go elsewhere.

1 month ago

Luckily the city area has now been moved to Trent valley and the bypass. Loads of shops that we need in one area. Lichfield is a lovely city if you need 6 charity shops and punishment for parking. Instead of being the “dogs” it’s gone there.

1 month ago

Do not agree with these changes. You’ll have to be aware of your surroundings at all times, of course delivery drivers are very patient so sure it will be fine…

Just trial full pedestrianisation, see how it works then decide. Might aswell not bother with all these changes.

And if you do it properly get cameras to enforce it.

Sadly, this looks doomed following this change.

John patrick madden
1 month ago

Good day
How much money been spent on this out of my council tax and how much did the security firm cost for the last two months with barriers
Killing trade off parking expensive car parks

1 month ago

What an absolute disgrace! Lichfield Council change the pedestrian area, spent fortunes on a pointless consultation process, printing leaflets, paying staff to attend consultation days/walk the pedestrian area to advise public of changes, putting up new signs that now will need to change all over again paying traffic wardens to patrol before leaving the area unenforced for weeks, eventually paying security guards to monitor only 2 of the 3 entries to the pedestrian area (pointless exercise) & now to change it all again. Guess who’s paying for all this? All of us, the naive residents of the district of Lichfield. This council will no doubt be hiking up our council tax this year & beyond to pay for this stupid ecision to change something that wasn’t broken in the beginning. Whoever ultimately made these calls over the pedestrian area needs to show some honesty & decency & resign now. However we are talking about politicians so honesty doesn’t really come into the equation

Herbert Hogwash
1 month ago

All together now….
You let cars in, you keep cars out
In out, in out, you shake the rules about
You change the plan again then you turn around
And that’s what it’s all about.

1 month ago

So can we Drive when the Sun is up., I am wearing my favorite socks , and the Colour of my Car is Pink, and I must be listening to Radio 4.,

1 month ago

I think the existing arrangements work well but I’d like to see camera enforcement. The way to encourage more people to Lichfield is to reduce parking fees not increase them. Burton free after 3 can’t we have that? I also notice cars being parked on Bird St in evenings. What’s that all about and why isn’t it policed?

Beady Eye
1 month ago

Some common sense at last, Blue Badge Holders should have closer access to the city centre parking spaces. Those bemoaning are probably the smug ones sat outside in a coffee shop or walking a dozen dogs, someone needing to be aware of their surroundings is making excuses

1 month ago

When is a traffic free city not a traffic free city When it’s called Lichfield

John Allen
1 month ago

So, after getting the disabled parking bays by the banks back, we are now going to lose them again. The logic of this escapes me. Cars will be going through the market square to access the bays on Bore Street, not to mention delivery vehicles at all times. How is this going to promote pedestrianisation? It certainly won’t help disabled people, who will struggle to access the market place, banks, opticians, dentist, public library and the market itself. I know- why not add a sign to the new illuminated car park boards stating ‘disabled people not welcome’. I despair.

Janet J
1 month ago

I’m sorry but this is not pedestrianisation. Fighting your way through lorries, vans and disabled drivers, not to mention the assault course created by A boards, tables, chairs, planters, benches, bollards and signs, is not pedestrianisation. It is only a matter of time until someone is injured or worse.

Maureen Burton
1 month ago

For me and my sister we are now finding the parking charges so high, when we used to go round the shops and then have lunch in the many lovely cafes, we can’t do that anymore, we have to rush round and then go and lunch out of Lichfield, ime surprised the cafes haven’t felt a drop in custom, don’t Lichfield council want buying customers in the town???

1 month ago

Lichfield has a fantastic taxi service , the envied by out towns/citys , what will happen to that you now can’t park with out charges and no Taxi service !!!!! Bonkers

1 month ago

Nothing will change. People will continue to drive whenever they like through narrow, semi-pedestrianised streets which were never built for motorised vehicles. Some will have blue badges and some will not. There will likely be an accident at some point, and I hope it’s not a serious one.

Our council’s saddening inability to deliver a few safe, traffic-free hours on our city’s streets each week is just another reason why I left the Labour Party.

1 month ago

Maureen you can park for a few pounds for 4 hours in town, a coffee costs that

1 month ago

Take Sutton Coldfield as a perfect example. What was a thriving retail centre is now a ghost town. No investment and lack of common sense on business rates and business enticement.
Why do people drive to Tamworth? answer is lack of choice in Lichfield and “Free Parking”.
Do you really want to see Lichfield turn into a Sutton Coldfield?. Then attract the high street brands and not barbers and charity shops.
Penalising visitors with archaic parking restrictions and charging will inevitably see Lichfield’s demise.
Frankly someone in the Council should wake up and smell the bacon.

1 month ago

Stop paying hi viz morons to stand at each end, a set of Cones or a sign is enough, stop wasting our bloody money

If someone drives through and is not disabled or a delivery then let them pay the fine

1 month ago

Cars without blue badges continually drive through the town now despite signage informing drivers not too. Never seen anyone issue fines, good luck with that. Perhaps signage could be changed to, only blue badge holders allowed access.

1 month ago

If the bays on Bore Street are open for car parking then what will happen to the lovely restaurants and cafes that would like to offer outdoor seating throughout the summer. The last couple of years have been a real success with bringing options for customers who would like to sit outside during summer and higher profits for catering businesses in Lichfield.

1 month ago

So this is ‘Pedestrianisation’, whereby all vehicles drive through, in reality, at will. Remind me how dodging lorries, vans, those who don’t care about he rules and some with marginal control over vehicles is ‘Pedestrianisation’? This sounds to me like ‘a road’. Also it sounds ‘stupid’.