Campaigners at the vigil in Burntwood
Campaigners at the vigil in Burntwood

Campaigners are calling on people to choose plant-based options after a protest outside a Burntwood abattoir.

Members of Staffordshire branch of Animal Save gathered outside the Ironstone Road site earlier this week as part of a day vigils at locations around the globe.

The organisation said the action helped to highlight issues around animals in the food system and promote the benefits of plant-based alternatives.

Andrew Garner, from Staffordshire Animal Save, said: “Bearing witness to animals at the gates of a slaughterhouse is a life-changing transformative experience.

“Witnessing the terror and fear of sheep and male cow calves as they arrive makes fighting for their freedom your top priority.

“Everyone should attend an animal vigil to face the reality of our food choices.

“The number of animals being exploited and killed so their body parts can be eaten is so massive it is hard to comprehend.

“Each and every one of those individuals feels pain, fear, trauma and a complex array of emotions just like we do.

“We are asking people to make a compassionate choice and be vegan to spare animals the torment of life on a farm and the horror of the slaughterhouse.”

Andrew Garner

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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J Mitchell
3 months ago

I am all for freedom of speech, but also freedom of choice.
If I choose to eat meat, that is my choice and a preacher in a high viz vest will never change that.
The animals we eat for food are a commodity product. If we all stopped eating meat these animals would cease to exist, there wouldn’t be herds of free cattle and pigs roaming free wondering what wondering with to do with themselves.

3 months ago

Many years ago I used to go every month to this abattoir to read the gas meter and it broke my heart to what
I witnessed inside and it got to the point where I actually stopped eating meat.

Ed Eaton
3 months ago

Choosing a plant based diet is hardly the answer….the soybean industry (soya products form a large part of a vegan/vegetarian diet) is hugely damaging to animals habitats, causes deforestation and the displacement of indigenous peoples. Cutting down on meat consumption is something many people should do, if not for ethical reasons, then for health….but these kind of protests that try to guilt trip people into making that decision do not provide the full truth.

3 months ago

No meat eating means no cows,pigs sheep,goats because farmers are not zoo keepers

1 month ago

Is the lady on the left wearing leather knee length boots or faux? Because leather comes from?