Calendar Girls cast

An award-winning local theatre company will return to the stage next month.

Shenstone-based From the Top are in rehearsals ahead of their production of Calendar Girls the Musical at Highbury Theatre from 7th to 11th May.

The production is based on the true story of a group of women who dropped everything for charity and caused an international sensation.

A spokesperson said:

“Following the death of Annie’s husband John, we follow the members of the Knapely Women’s Institute on their journey to raise funds to purchase a sofa for the visitor’s room at the local hospital.

“The solution? A WI calendar with a twist.

“Battling resistance from the authorities and the embarrassment of teenage children, the women of Knapely WI embarked on a journey of self discovery which had a very real and long-lasting impact on their community and the world beyond the Dales.”

From the Top spokesperson

Tickets can be booked online, by emailing [email protected] or calling 07745 724881.

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Dave C
9 days ago

Thank you!