Bus stop markings on a road

New bus services are being introduced serve Lichfield and surrounding villages.

The 33 will connect Lichfield with the new housing developments at Hay End Lane and Sheasby Park in Fradley.

The service will run from Monday to Saturday between 7.15am and 5.45pm from 3rd June.

It has been funded by Section 106 contribution made by the developers of the two sites.

The 12A – which runs between Lichfield and Burton via Fradley, Alrewas and Barton-under-Needwood – will also run a Sunday service starting this week.

The additional services are being introduced with the help of money from the Government’s Bus Service Improvement Plans fund.

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1 month ago

This is good news but only until 5:45. This is rather an early finish and is this time the last bus from Lichfield or termination and where is the termination?

1 month ago

But just like the 36 non on Sundays

No one
1 month ago

Sorry but it’s useless if they don’t stay with the knot ticket .. waste of money.
They should be struck off Lichfield for good

Steve George
1 month ago

We really need bus services to run much later to give people the opportunity to go out in the evening without their cars .

1 month ago

What about getting the bus to come to the end of Worthington Rd again. Not everyone can walk to the stop at the island. The kids get a school bus picking them up and dropping them.

1 month ago

More public transport is great news. Once again, could I please ask the county council to consider the smaller villages currently without any buses, or with a very limited service. And I totally agree that evening services would be most welcome. We villagers like a night out too!!

Irene F
1 month ago

Please consider buses in villages… I live in Hammerwich and there are a lot of mature people and disabled of all ages who cannot walk the mile to the main road to catch a bus… and certainly can’t walk back home with shopping. We therefore have to travel by car/ taxi/ any vehicle to our destination so clogging up the roads and adding fumes to the atmosphere…..

1 month ago

It is good news that a new bus service is due to serve these new homes, but what happens when the ” Section 106″ and govenment money dries up? and how long will it last!!!!

Carl Sholl
1 month ago

More bus services is good news, but what happens when the bus station has been sold off to developers and a postage stamp sized replacement is created outside the train station? I used the bus station a few days ago, and while my bus (60 to Cannock) was filling up with passengers there were five other buses at the bus station going to various other destinations: Burton, Tamworth, Walsall, Birmingham and the city circular. How are they supposed to all fit outside the train station? Not to mention all the coaches that also use the existing bus station. We need better bus services, but that will be impossible if the Council’s misguided plans to redevelop the Birmingham Road site go ahead.