The proposed layout of the development at Wigginton
The proposed layout of the development at Wigginton

A developer has appealed a decision to refuse plans for more than 200 homes on the border between Lichfield and Tamworth.

The proposals for land north of Browns Lane in Wigginton were unanimously refused by councillors at Lichfield District Council in November, in line with the recommendation of officers which labelled the scheme “inappropriate and unacceptable”.

The plans were also rejected by Tamworth Borough Council in December as the site is not allocated for development.

Objections to the scheme were raised by parish councils over concerns about the impact of the plans on the local area and issues with highways safety if the homes were given the go-ahead.

But Summix BLT Developments has now appealed the decision with the planning inspector:

“The appeal site is not within an existing built-up area nor is it allocated for housing. However, it is located to the north of Tamworth which is identified as a broad location for development within the development plan.

“Affordable housing need is significant within both Lichfield District and Tamworth Borough. It will be shown that the deliverable supply of affordable housing is such that this need will not be met within the next five years, and given the plan-making situation in both areas, this situation will not be resolved in the short or medium term. 

“It will be demonstrated that there are no technical objections to the appeal proposal from statutory consultees and there are no barriers to rapid delivery of the appeal proposal for much-needed affordable housing.”

Appeal statement

The inquiry is set to last for six days and will open on 2nd July 2024. Once concluded the planning inspector will decide whether to allow the development of 210 affordable homes to proceed.

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1 month ago

Wiggington is a tiny hamlet and should remain so.

Joe Bloggs
1 month ago

Why? Why should it remain a tiny hamlet when young families can’t afford to live in Lichfield? There is no automatic right for the wealthy to live in picturesque hamlets whilst young families are forced out as they can’t afford to live in the area.

The Gardener
1 month ago

More or less a done deal then if the inspector gets involved, they rarely refuse new developments despite some robust arguments by the planning authority, and once the developer gets a foot in the door of an area more often follows….

Tony Packer
1 month ago

Most of the new houses built on the Lichfield /Tamworth boarder are big detached houses not affordable homes, builders do not want to build affordable homes because the profit for these houses are lower.All the new houses occupied by people on the Lichfield/Tamworth border use Tamworths doctors and dentists which leaves people in Tamworth with no appointments available for themselves.I hope this development is rejected.

Mr L
1 month ago

@Tony Packer, this development is 100% affordable housing!