Alastair Watson meeting local Labour representatives from across Lichfield and Burntwood
Alastair Watson meeting local Labour representatives from across Lichfield and Burntwood

The loss of local policing facilities demonstrates why communities need change, Labour’s candidate to be the next Staffordshire Commissioner has said.

Alastair Watson made his comments during a visit to Lichfield and Burntwood ahead of the election on 2nd May.

He will join Lib Dem Alec Sandiford on the ballot paper alongside the Conservative candidate Ben Adams who will be bidding to win a second term in office.

Mr Watson told local Labour supporters at a meeting that Lichfield and Burntwood showed clear evidence of a need for a different approach to policing.

“Almost everyone I’ve spoken to – echoing the messages I’m getting from across Staffordshire – said that we need more visible policing.

“Nothing tells the story of the public’s need for reassurance better than a car park in Frog Lane where Lichfield’s police station used to be and commercial buildings in the High Street where Chasetown’s station once was.

“In contrast, the police base off Eastern Avenue in Lichfield is inaccessible to the public.

“All this, coupled with the problems people have in getting through to report incidents, simply leaves people feeling less safe. This can’t go on.” 

Alastair Watson

The Labour hopeful also spoke of plans to develop more preventative services focused on drug and alcohol abuse, as well as efforts to hale violence against women and girls.

He also reiterated his support for “more robust coverage” for fire services and the need to recruit more full-time firefighters.

Mr Watson added:

“Funding for our public services has been slashed over the past 14 years of Conservative Government and this drastically impacts police services.

“When NHS and social care services are no longer able to provide the county-wide safety net that they once did, the police service has to pick up the pieces.”

Alastair Watson

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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