Plans to convert a former Lichfield city centre hair salon into a bar have been approved.

The development is planned for the site at 28 Market Street.

As well as the change of use, it would also allow new signage and outdoor seating to be installed.

A planning statement said:

“The design proposal is focussed on the interior, currently utilised as a salon, to adapt into a vibrant and modern bar with a late license.

“The proposed refurbishment seeks to breathe new life into this historic structure while preserving its architectural heritage.

“On the first floor, the new stud walls will enclose modern and well-appointed toilet facilities for customers. Adjacent to the toilets, a VIP bar area will be introduced, providing an exclusive and comfortable space for patrons seeking a premium experience.”

Planning statement

Full details can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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Local Celeb Spotter
1 month ago

A VIP bar area in Lichfield……wow. I almost admire the ambition. It will be full of Estate Agents and Hairdresser types thinking they’re A-List Hollywood celebrities. One to avoid.

1 month ago

Gosh, we really do need another Bar in Lichfield l, why not make every shop into a will make this useless council happy

Chris B
1 month ago

Looks as if “Coffee Shops” Saturation in our City is on the decline.
So now we have proposals for a VIP ( curious on who these Very Important People are) Lounge Bar also have a Cinema experience with Exclusive Food Outlets proposed.
All sounds a bit pricey to me and very Niche.

1 month ago

Absolutely brilliant news. We are a growing City and this will complement the other lovely new restaurants that have recently opened possibly for pre drinks .. bring it on.

Miss Sardine
1 month ago

There are other licensed Cafe/bars in Lichfield as well as pubs! Why is Lichfield only interested in ‘The Elite’ ? With no evening buses us “common” people probably wouldn’t be able to afford that especially after paying taxi fares X 2! By the way – I’m one of those “common” people!!

1 month ago

Honestly what is wrong with people on this site? A vacant unit is being filled. Jobs and adding to Lichfield’s night time economy. Would you rather it stayed empty? Why the negativity about everything? I get there are some things to be unhappy about in this area (quality of new estates being one) but this really is negative for the sake of it. Get a grip!

1 month ago


Well said, why can’t people admire the entrepreneurial spirit of someone having a go in difficult times. if you would prefer to be surrounded by empty retail units pop over to Sutton.

Ian Jones
1 month ago

@Private, I find it incredulous that you actually think that the council has the ability (other than licensing, which if the rules are followed has to be allowed) to dictate what type of business a private landlord has to rent out their empty property to. In what World can you think this is possible? To other nay sayers on here, surely something going from being empty to filled has to be a good thing??

28 days ago

Really don’t understand the negativity here, Lichfield is in dire need of some good restaurants and bars.

What century are you from if you think shops will fill town centres again? Everyone shops online, or do you want more vape shops?

If you’re going to comment negatively, at least suggest an alternative viable business that could fill these high street spaces.

27 days ago

@Matt, I agree. There are many in Lichfield that seem to be unhappy that building, development and progress continued after the Cathedral was completed.

Their argument against these things seems to be based along the lines of “I don’t like it, I won’t use it, it’s really not for me and therefore should not happen.”