Alec Sandiford
Alec Sandiford

A candidate hoping to be the next Staffordshire Commissioner says there needs to be a return to community policing in a bid to tackle burglaries.

Alec Sandiford will represent the Liberal Democrats in the ballot in May.

He said figures obtained by his party from a Freedom of Information request showed the average time Staffordshire Police took to respond to burglary calls in 2022-23 had passed the 17 hour mark – up 73% on 2021-22.

Mr Sandiford said the Conservative Government had left local police forces “over-stretched and under-resourced” to deal with local crime.

He said the Liberal Democrats were seeking a return to a community policing model.

“Having your home burgled is a traumatic experience, and victims deserve a swift response from the police. Yet thanks to the Conservative Government, this is increasingly out of reach.

“People in Staffordshire deserve to feel safe in their own homes. The fact that traumatised burglary victims are being left waiting for hours, wondering if the police will even arrive, is unacceptable. To think that crucial evidence may be lost in the process too is unforgivable.

“We need a fresh approach to the issues facing Staffordshire Police than we currently have from the serving commissioner.

“With the force under special measures, crime rising year-on-year, no visibility and low morale with the public losing faith fast. Why should the good people of Staffordshire reward failure?

“It’s time to finally restore proper community policing, so people can be confident that if they do fall victim to crime, the police will turn up and investigate properly.”

The full list of candidates for the Staffordshire Commissioner elections are:

  • Ben Adams (Conservatives)
  • Alec Sandiford (Liberal Democrats)
  • Alastair Watson (Labour)

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