The Birmingham Road multi-storey car park
The Birmingham Road multi-storey car park

A councillor says the forthcoming demolition of a multi-storey car park in Lichfield could create an opportunity to tackle a shortage of blue badge bays in the city.

The Birmingham Road facility is due to come down this year as part of redevelopment plans for the land and the creation of the new cinema in the former Debenhams building.

Cllr Dave Robertson, Labour representative for Curborough ward, told a meeting of Lichfield District Council’s overview and scrutiny committee that temporary spaces on the site once it is knocked down could help resolve wider concerns around a lack of disabled bays.

“The ‘meanwhile’ use of the multi-storey car park site represents a real opportunity to increase blue badge disabled parking.

“It would be a missed opportunity if that wasn’t discussed.”

Cllr Dave Robertson

Cllr Colin Ball, who heads the city centre masterplan task group at the council, said it was part of the discussions around how the land could be used until a more permanent element of the redevelopment is put in place.

“That’s already been raised in a task group meeting and hopefully is being acted on, but I’ve not had any communication on that.”

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Ken H
1 month ago

You could just leave it as a pile of rubble like the other end was for years and put some hoarding around it.
Just shows there is still no real plans for the area.
Stick a hotel here, office block there, there is no architecture plan for the area.
Why can’t the money from the swimming pool be pooled into the area and a nice showcase leisure centre be built

Carl Sholl
1 month ago

An even better idea would be to not knock it down and turn the ground floor into blue badge parking. Please stop this insane destruction of valuable public assets.

1 month ago

WHAT??? Yet another derelict site in waiting? Is that yet another seven year wait? Sensible people (not this council, obviously) would hold back the demolition until there’s a fully developed, integrated demolish/build plan in place with contractual penalties for non-performance. I despair!

Goodness Me What a Joke
1 month ago

Let’s get behind this idea to knock down a perfectly functional car park and replace it with a temporary much smaller car park that is only accessible to Blue Badge holders. Actually let’s not. I seriously worry that locally and nationally Labour are even worse than the lot we’ve got now. Cllr Robertson is Labours candidate in the next Election. Terrible.

Mrs P
1 month ago

I agree with the council that this would be a good place to have additional blue badge parking. However surely they could just do that anyway on the ground floor of the existing car park which is perfectly placed for the city centre – or is that too simple and cost effective?

Elizabeth Wright
1 month ago

What planet on these councillors on?????? The multi storey car park ( even lower floor) is TOO FAR from the main shopping area. Shops and business people are suffering because PEOPLE GO ELSEWHERE.

Alvin cox
1 month ago

A big shame that the multi storey car park is to be demolished because its the nearest one to the town centre and a lot of elderly people use it and also its very handy when going to the theatre SHAME on Lichfield council for agreeing to this.
Als car parking charges have risen to a price that has stopped people going into town , even the traders are upset as they are loosing trade????????
From one that USED to shop in Lichfield .

John Robinson
1 month ago

Perhaps after the May elections we’ll get that rarity – enough councillors with common sense who will work together to end the long running pantomime that is called ‘Lichfield District Council haven’t got a clue.’