Richard Howard
Richard Howard

A candidate hoping to be Lichfield’s next MP says residents have been let down by traditional political parties moving away from what they stand for.

Richard Howard will stand for Reform UK at the next General Election.

Having worked abroad for a number of years in the aviation industry, the parliamentary candidate returned to the UK in 2019 to be closer to family.

But he says the challenges faced by residents due to Government policies and political positioning were immediately clear to see.

“I returned to the UK but because of extraordinarily high house prices I decided to live on a narrowboat and I have been moored in Barton Marina ever since – but I can often be found moored in Alrewas and Fradley enjoying nature as well as visiting local canalside hostelries.

“During the Covid pandemic my small business was not able to trade fully and I found it a struggle to make ends meet. Because of this, I know how difficult our day to day life can be especially during the cost of living crisis.

“The current political situation has resulted in many of us living on the edge like this every day, but it shouldn’t have to be this way.”

Richard Howard

Mr Howard said he hoped to be able to give people living in the Lichfield constituency an alternative option to the usual parties on the ballot paper.

“It seems that the main political parties have moved away from what they traditionally stand for, especially the Conservative party – by aiming to please everyone it is obvious they are pleasing no one.

“This has given me the motivation and desire to give my time to the people of the Lichfield constituency in the hope that we can work together in improving our quality of life and ensuring a more positive future.”

Richard Howard

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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1 month ago

Richard, as a life long conservative voter, may i wish you success in overturning the conservative majority in this constituency and many others around the country. I will vote for reform because it has the policy to make Great Britain great again.

1 month ago

Hopefully he doesn’t sta d a chance

Paul Knight
1 month ago

Reform didn’t tice just visit Ukraine? Didn’t tice call for vax mandates and more importantly bang the drum for un vaxed care workers to be sacked ? Another main streem shill !

1 month ago

Does Mr Howard appreciate the irony of having been an immigrant in another country, arrived back here 5 years ago and then running for the Reform party?

Mate – you literally live on a small boat.

1 month ago

I too am a lifelong Conservative voter. I have voted for them because I want a party that stands for sound money, law and order, small state, low taxes, a party that promotes personal responsibility and aspiration. The current Conservative government no longer stands for any of these values. I hope that this Conservative party is destroyed at the next election because I really believe they are now beyond redemption.

Rosie H-C
1 month ago

Hopefully Reform will do the job of splitting the Tory vote so we can get Fabricant out.

1 month ago

Not enough people will vote for Reform which will result in Mr Fab being elected again albeit with maybe a smaller majority.

T's and C's Apply
1 month ago

We all need a change in direction, a fresh set of values, something the current and previous quota have failed to address.
And should I be so brave… oust Mr.Fabricant (apologies..Sir) from his seat.
I have seen nothing positive to come from the above mentioned

Good luck Richard

1 month ago

Ric – Tell us how the 10% rise in food costs, and less choice, that your beloved Brexit will bring at the end of the month will make us ‘Great.’

Clare Sholl
1 month ago

Both Reform and the Tories want to take us out of the European Convention on Human Rights, undermining the fundamental rights of every single man, woman and child in the UK. This is a betrayal of our freedom, our humanity and the rule of law.

A vote for Reform is a vote for the far right. Extremism will never make this country ‘great’; it will only ever increase division and hate. People need to learn from history and reject far right ideology.

Chris P
1 month ago

There are no “fresh set of values” in the Reform party, even less in the failing and awful Conservatives. Would anybody seriously consider putting the country in the hand of Tice, Farage, 30p Anderson and whoever else changes sides before the election? Brexit showed us all what lies and deception can do to a nation, don’t drag it down any further. Vote Labour.