The Birmingham Road multi-storey car park. Picture: Alex Davidson
The Birmingham Road multi-storey car park. Picture: Alex Davidson

The demolition of a multi-storey car park in Lichfield will begin next month, the leader of Lichfield District Council has said.

The Birmingham Road facility is due to be demolished as part of city centre regeneration plans.

It is expected to take around six months for the car park to be pulled down and the land cleared.

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of the council, said the aesthetics of the multi-storey were not the reason it was being demolished:

“The 26 week work programme begins in May, but it’s useful to remember why we’re bringing the car park down.

“There are lots of reasons, but brutalist architecture is not the reason why. We are bringing it down because it is a fundamental part of the regeneration of the Birmingham Road Site.

“It allows us to create that plaza around the empty Debenhams building, it allows a cinema to come forward, it allows food and beverage units to come forward too.

“It also provides the link through from the Birmingham Road Site to Three Spires which has long been an ambition of this council to ensure we can allow that free movement from the train station right through to the city centre.”

Cllr Doug Pullen

But Cllr Sue Woodward, leader of the Labour opposition group said Conservatives had previoulsy supported retaining the car park.

“In 2019 I called in the decision for this council to invest £300,000 in what was already a defunct car park in terms of its structure,” she said.

“I want to correct Cllr Pullen in his comment this has been a long-standing ambition – only five years ago the ambition was to spend a third of a million pounds on renovation for that car park.

Cllr Sue Woodward

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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24 days ago

Problems for The Garrick especially with patrons coming from outside Lichfield by car. Where do they park especially with children & elderly. Memories of chaos when car park was closed during panto some years ago

Rosie B
24 days ago

Sadly. Cllr Pullen. has a very short Memory despite most of what he says is down in Black and White.
Failed Friars Gate Boards going to be removed and work commence on this site months and months ago.
I think we can say bye bye to any visitors or locals coming to Lichfield this year. No parking.
Do hope we are not left with another stagnated Building Site.

24 days ago

To approve an award of a contract to Cawarden Co. Ltd for a maximum 26-week programme of work with a value of £824,944.40 for the demolition of the Birmingham Road multi-storey car park, four retail units and associated landscaping works.

£824k for demolition. The loss of the value of the car park and the four retail units. The council were proud to be earning £445k from parking. A lot of that income will be lost. The many millions allocated to the Debenhams site.

The costs of this project seem to be never ending.

24 days ago

has long been an ambition of this council to ensure we can allow that free movement from the train station right through to the city centre”

What a bizarre thing to say. It’s already possible to very easily walk from the train station to the city centre. Is that not “free movement”? It’s not like you have to climb over a wall. You do have to cross the road outside the train station but demolishing the car park won’t change that.

24 days ago

Good. Please get on with it. It looks horrendous and people can park elsewhere.

The people who want to hang on to the cruddy bus station and this eyesore of a carpark are stuck in their old ways. They find change a difficult concept. Yes it might be worse before it gets better but what’s the alternative – be backwards about everything?

Linda B
24 days ago

Do the council members ever use this car park? I feel its going to really affect folk going to the Garrick unless the adjacent car park is made bigger by removing the grassed areas. The car parks up by the Lee Garden are just awful to use, think this decision will stop folk from going to the Garrick.

Citizen Smith
24 days ago

Gosh, folk don’t like change, do they? There are plenty of places to park in Lichfield, and blue badge holders can even park directly outside the Garrick on double yellow lines for great access. Good riddance to this eye sore of a car park: personally, I’m looking forward to the changes and developments to come, bring it on!

24 days ago

Hi @Derg, perhaps you would like to share your ideas with us considering your views ” cruddy bus station and this eyesore of a carpark are stuck in their old ways

Nick D
24 days ago

The multi-storey car park should have been renovated, not demolished. Parking in Lichfield is already difficult and will become even more so once it has gone. There is no point in having all these shiny new facilities if people can’t park anywhere near them.

Monika Hall
24 days ago

This is terrible for three spires shopping centre in all. NO Parking = NO shoppers, NO shoppers = SHOP CLOSURES.
This is not good for Lichfield.

24 days ago

Nearly £850K to demolish it with losing most of £400K annual revenue from parking fees Is this a good deal? There is insufficient car park space for Garrick especially when both Theatres are full now, so where will people park? Feel sorry for The Garrick as they are really trying & current programming is much better now. It will be awful at panto time

24 days ago

Demolishing most of the car parking next to a theatre and where they want to put a cinema is a bold strategy. Let’s see if it pays off for them.

Carl Sholl
23 days ago

Cllr Pullen: “free movement from the train station”. Has it occurred to the Council to conduct a survey of train users to find out whether people do indeed visit Lichfield by train? The vast majority of train users will be Lichfield area residents going to and from Birmingham. It’s the same in any commuter town. It’s fantasy to believe there will be an influx of visitors coming by train. Tourists arrive by car or by coach. Commuters into Lichfield arrive by car or bus. And where will the cars, buses and coaches go when the car park and bus station are demolished? The multi-storey is a perfectly functional car park with wider than usual spaces in an ideal location for the theatre and the planned cinema and for shoppers. Knocking it down is lunacy. We’ll just end up with a pile of rubble to match the pile at the other end of the bus station. The Garrick had a superb panto season last Christmas. The chances of repeating that after losing the car park will be zero.

23 days ago

Finally something that should have been done 10 years ago

23 days ago

Big big mistake again demolishing this car park , keep asking where are all the flocks of visitors to the super sonic cinema and eateries going to park .??????? Why they cannot learn from previous generations mistakes.

23 days ago

Cruddy bus station? Eyesore of a bus car park. Have you not seen the future just down the road where Tempest Ford used to be. Is that your forward thinking? Knock everything down and have a wasteland where a former profitable business once stood.

Mrs P
23 days ago

I still can’t get my around this decision. I might have to occupy the carpark with my tent and sleeping bag ahead of demolition day. Anyone care to join me?

Alva Chadwick
20 days ago

Beggars belief!

Karen Willey
20 days ago

Agree they have not thought about people attending the Garrick who have reduced mobility not necessarily a badge holder that will find it difficult to walk and people(women) attend Garrick on their own do they really want to walk to other car parks in the dark safety issue here. But obviously council don’t care

19 days ago

As a 75 year old, not registered disabled but with increasing mobility issues, I often attend the Garrick and use this car park. Not so long ago I could walk or cycle into town, never anticipating that I would have to drive. Without it, I’m not sure what I will do. I hope Cllr. Pullen gets old enough to gain some insight into this daft decision.