The Birmingham Road multi-storey car park
The Birmingham Road multi-storey car park

Council chiefs have confirmed that a multi-storey car park will close in the coming weeks.

The Birmingham Road facility will be knocked down as part of the development of a new cinema in the former Debenhams unit next door.

The demolition and landscaping project will start on 28th May, with the car park to shut at midnight the day before.

Four shop units in the Three Spires shopping centre will also eventually be demolished as part of the project to help create a public space in front of the new cinema.

Lichfield District Council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for leisure, parks and major projects, Cllr Andy Smith, said:

“I am very excited that the plans to redevelop this part of the city centre are now being put into action, and we have visible evidence of progress with the demolition of the multi storey car park.

“Cawarden, our demolition contractors will be installing hoardings around the site to keep the space safe and tidy and will be installing peep holes for you, your children and even your dog to look through and see the work taking place.”

Cllr Andy Smith

While the area is developed, the former car park site will be used as a space for temporary activities by hosting one-off and pop-up retail and food events.

The council said priority for using the plot would be given to local start-ups and businesses.

Operational for more than 50 years, the car park has undergone extensive repairs and maintenance to extend its lifespan.

But the council said data collected last June showed that the facility was underutilised over the past 12 months with an average using of just 26% of the overall capacity.

Cllr Smith added:

“Removing this structure will allow us to transform the area, creating a vibrant hub for leisure activities to be enjoyed by the district’s residents and visitors alike.”

Cllr Andy Smith

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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Nigel Knight
3 days ago

Would be interesting to know the thoughts of the Garrick? Will be a nasty surprise for any visitors not knowing that the car park is gone with very few easily accessible options otherwise!

Save our city
3 days ago

Lichfield Center has been killed off with security guards with plastic barriers scaring people off visiting decided voted buy some that don’t live in area
And now a car parking shortage free parking or reduced is urgently required or watch business fail
not the time to close any area common sense, please and more road disruption

Dust and summer pollution
3 days ago

Peep holes better do January rather than summer there may be asbestos released from the knockdown

Lichfield derby duck
3 days ago

I totally understand the multi-story being demolished, it was / is unpleasant & well past it’s sell-by date. However, surely a cinema must have a car park close by as the majority of customers are likely to drive in – even from the outskirts of Lichfield let alone from out of town. Clr Smith previously suggested that users would use bus & rail travel but I just can’t see that & who after watching a film during inclement weather or after a late night finish is going to want to walk all across town to a car park?

3 days ago

Good, it’s awful. There are other places to park.

Miss Sardine
3 days ago

Councillor Smith; are you aware that the Lichfield local bus service stops early evening – and even less on Saturdays and NONE on Sundays? Then the only option is Taxi £5 X 2 – which on top of your cinema ticket makes it a rather expensive night out! A lot of rediculous comments are made by – -1. They don’t live in Lichfield
2. They’re car users who don’t ever use buses so have no idea what it’s like when you can’t just hop into your car to your own timescale! Believe me! I face this scenario all the time!!!

Chris B
3 days ago

I do hope the Vibrant Hub is created as promised, by removing the Aged Multi Storey.
I also hope that the visualization of yet another pile of Debris soon disappears from my mind.
Please let this project succeed and we are not subjected to yet another failure.
We as Taxpayers need a break from the ifs buts and maybe’s of the past years.

3 days ago

Councillor Smith difficult to get a train into the city when you don’t have a railway station as for bus travel most in outlying areas finish about 6

3 days ago

Lichfield Council have cynically hiked prices for the multistorey in order to ‘prove’ it is under-utilized. Currently it costs £20 a day to park there, which inevitably deters people from using it. I agree that it needed renovation but demolishing it with nothing to replace it will be counterproductive. What’s the point of having all these snazzy new facilities if there is nowhere to park nearby?

Local guy
3 days ago

Are people unaware that 400m up the road are another 4 or 5 car parks, not exactly a long hike.

Citizen Smith
3 days ago

Several comments mention lack of travel to the new cinema, but this is a lack of transport issue for those folk travelling to ANYWHERE from where they live, surely, not just the travel to/from the planned cinema in Lichfield? Only time will tell if the new Cinema is a success (and I really hope it will be, for the record). Can’t wait to see the demolition of the ex-Debenhams car park and look forward to a positive development for Lichfield. Come on guys, let’s support innovation and progress, eh?

Simon Robinson
3 days ago

Good job LDC aren’t running the country

3 days ago

My thoughts are…. 1. there is a Railway station over the road. Drive to your local railway station and get the train. 2. As stated… there are other car parks available…. park up, walk through the city centre and support local businesses. 3. Stop moaning just for the sake of it.

Sarah Landon
3 days ago

I saw a post today about this weekends food festival and Bower and it’s really interesting that folk seem to think there is only one car park in the city……there’s loads!

You’ll be telling me next that the Sunday service at the cathedral is full to bursting and they need a multi-storey to cope!

Stop bleeting and look forward to a city that will quite possibly prosper with all these new attractions!

Carl Sholl
3 days ago

Demolition of the multi-storey is no more evidence of progress than the demolition of Kennings was. It is evidence of this Council’s misguided approach to development, destroying valuable, revenue-generating assets at great expense in the hope this will attract developers to the wastelands left behind. The survey on car park use deliberately avoided busy times, like Saturdays and when big shows were on at the Garrick, and ignored potential future demand when the new cinema is opened. This is a bad decision which will undermine the future viability of the Garrick and the proposed new cinema.

Alva Chadwick
2 days ago

Wish I could afford to use a taxi every time I go to an evening performance at the Garrick as they must do, or perhaps they’re lucky enough to have a partner who will escort them safely back to their car across the other side of town, late a night!

2 days ago

The streets on the new housing estates that are also being built. Will be used during the daytime as free parking for train commuters and in the evening as free parking for evening city centre visitors. The car park has lasted 50 years. There must be a need for it.