A decision on plans for 109 homes in Fradley has been delayed so councillors can carry out a site visit.

The controversial scheme saw over 100 objections from residents and was due to be debated at a meeting of Lichfield District Council’s planning committee last night (13th May).

The plans for the 4.5 hectares residential development were recommended for approval by planning officers and would include 31 affordable homes.

But before the application was set to be considered, committee chairman Cllr Thomas Marshall said that the application should be deferred to carry out a site visit.

“I am aware there has been a lot of local interest – and when I say interest I mean probably opposition to this. I think 90 households and a total of 112 letters of objection were received.

“I think there are quite a few issues there which, from my perspective, appear to be slightly unresolved.

“Deferment is what I would suggest is the right way forward.”

Cllr Thomas Marshall

It is hoped a site visit will be carried out within the next two weeks for councillors to be able to assess the situation.

Once that has taken place, the application will then come back to the planning committee for consideration.

Cllr Marshall continued:

“To the members of the public who’ve turned up this evening I do apologise. Whether you will feel as though that is a reasonable way forward of course is a moot point, but in the pursuit of fairness – and I think the ability of the planning committee to get a full appraisal of this situation – we are going to defer this.”

Cllr Thomas Marshall
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4 days ago

Perhaps they could have a look at Cricket Lane at the same time. Another much apposed development bringing high density housing and little infrastructure and facilities improvement.
The councillors should be asking…where are the schools; the doctors surgery; the traffic management and all the other necessities in what the developers describe as a new ‘community’?
Our “planners”? do little in the way of real planning. They are more akin to developer facilitators. It is long over due that this procedure is brought under control.
Lichfield and surrounding areas needs some development…It doesn’t need to be wrecked!

3 days ago

I hope this visit will show you that the current infrastructure in Fradley cannot support more housing. Where are the facilities? Maybe you can look at what Fradley has whilst you’re there, a row of shops and that’s it.
No doctors surgery
No community centre
No public house
Not much of anything!
Can you build facilities instead or are these not worthwhile because they don’t make money for you.
I guess we will see what’s important to you when the decision comes in.
P.s please check out the state of the roads whilst you’re here looking.

2 days ago

There may be 90 household objections but you will have 109 households wanting to move in, Fradley would be a lovely place to live and should welcome new residents. Lichfield district council ran a “call for sites” initiative in January to find sites for development – this development offers 31 affordable homes and I know lots of young people desperate to get on the housing market.

2 days ago

Joanne, are you kidding? I think Fradley has contributed more than its fair share of new houses for people to move to, don’t you? There are plenty of new residents thank you, but zero extra facilities of course. Let’s build them in your area instead please.