Having led from the fifth minute, Lichfield were denied victory in the 77th minute by Old Albanians’ second try on a swelteringly hot afternoon at Twickenham. 

There was certainly no disgrace in defeat though as the collective effort was immense, especially in defence, where the tackle count went through the roof with very few missed.

Lichfield got off to a strong start and were soon able to register points as Roberts received a scoring pass for a try near to the posts, which Udall converted.

The city side knocked on the resulting kick off and put themselves under pressure for the next ten minutes, as a result.


Eves missed a penalty shot from inside the 22 and Lichfield comfortably survived a yellow card period approaching half time for a high tackle.

Old Albanians piled on the pressure whenever Lichfield had the ball in the second half.

In the 55th minute, Eves at last found a way to bypass the city side’s defensive system, as she kick-passed to replacement left wing Vaughan-Johncey, who was able to escape Udall in the corner, but there was no conversion from Eves to leave the score at 7-5.

As the game went into the dying few minutes, Lawford-Wilby and Staniford got their hands on the ball more and more and Old Albanians were camped near the try line.

They tried to smash their way over, but were repelled until Lawford-Wilby ran around the  back of a ruck to outwit the two defenders on the line. Eves converted to ensure the trophy would not be heading back to Lichfield.

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